Aloha Party Book

novel - LGBT+

Aloha Party

H.D. Nels

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When Jake's sister arranges for him to attend her aloha party, a kind of Christmas in October, he is sad and concerned. Lynn has cancer and this may be the last time he will see his beloved older sister. In an effort to heal some of the rifts in their family, he calls his estranged brother Ron and tells him about Lynn's condition.<br><br>Lynn asks Jake to keep her brother-in-law Mitchell company for the duration of the visit. When he arrives, Jake is first stunned to discover Ron there, he and Lynn having made up their differences. As an extra bonus, Jake is absolutely smitten by the gorgeous Mitchell.<br><br>A few weeks later, Mitchell flies out to visit Jake. Although their mutual attraction can't be denied, Mitchell is several years older than Jake, which may be a problem. By the time Christmas rolls around, Lynn is very weak and Jake and Mitchell rush to her side. Will there be good news to share with Lynn? And does she have one more surprise for Jake, too?