41 Taking a Turn for the Better

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The more Zhou Xiang thought about it, the more anxious she became.

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If there was really something wrong with the medicine, then she would have become the murderer who had killed the old madam of the house.

If she had known earlier, she would not have let the old madam take the medicine last night.

What should she do now?

If something happened to the old madam, she would not be able to continue living anymore.

Zhou Xiang was so anxious that her eyes were red. She rushed upstairs and knocked on the door. "Mom! Mom! Are you inside?"

The door was locked from the inside. She knocked for a long time, but there was no response from inside.

Zhou Xiang did not have a key, so she had no choice but to get assistance from a few servants. She planned to use violence to break the door open.

Then, Zhou Xiang asked the butler to invite Doctor Lin over..

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