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Hey, how are you all doing? If you stumbled onto my novel out of pure chance and gave it a shot, I want to let you know I appreciate the gesture. Whether or not you liked it, I'm still glad that you gave it a chance. My novel's a bit unorthodox by Webnovel standards, so it doesn't pull in the largest crowds, per se. But I'm still having loads of fun writing it, nevertheless. For those of you who did find it interesting, please stick around and watch the story unfold with me. At the very least, I promise it'll be a unique tale, haha. Hope to keep seeing my silent lurkers read on for many days to come; love you, shy boys!


Hi! I should say the way you write is so smooth and decent, it gave me chills when I read how you describe the background of the world's. And the story build is really interesting. I got sucked in from when the will of world is introduced and when Reed goes in and you know what xD *spoiler* lol. This story is a gem for fantasy lovers and motivates other fantasy writers that are on here. Thank you for such a crafted story. And good luck for the future.


I’m really disappointed, the author stressed so much how his protagonist would start from the bottom and would have to strive to improve in both and personality, but he is still the same the same OP MC. Even if he starts from the bottom he doesn’t struggle at all, he is the most talented of all that given time will easily surpass everyone else. The author says that he is weak-willed and indecisive, but he never acts like that, even if force by the circumstances still he never acts indecisive, he immediately works his ass of. The author says one thing, but the MC’s actions say another one. I’ve read only the first part before quitting because it was so disappointing, the author rants about something and then does the same thing. The MC never fails, easily obtain everything and his psychological development is poorly executed, he changes from weak-willed to iron-willed way to easily. And even if there is some whining in his thoughts, it is never reflected in his actions.


Great book with an intriguing plot and excellent grammar and spelling.Just needs more chapters lol. FillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFiller FillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFiller


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Well, it is a good story for an use isekai I suppose but there doesn’t seem to be much of what has been promised. Quite the contrary the MC is cliche in every way of plot armor possible so far. The only thing might be that the MC doesn’t like the role he is pressured into but this is nothing special and has been done before. Another aspect is that the world building seems rather strange to me. You have kingdoms, cultivators and high technology like tablets and phones. This seems very strange and is likely to create contradictions down the line. Well I’ll be not giving up hope just yet to find what the author promised but I doubt I will find it here.


Not exactly the genre I would usually go for, nonetheless, the plot doesn't disappoint. The author's writing skills are up to the level until this point!


While the synopsis sounded like it would lead to an interesting Claok and dagger style story, instead we get an Isekai. The quality of the writing form a techincal standpoint is better than most stories I have read here on Webnovel, but there are more than a handfull of tiems where the author suddenly switches narrating perspectives, has a few words repeated by what I assume to eb mistake or some tense mistakes. As for the story itself, whiel it starts of interestingly enough, it soon devolves into the same cliche ridden thing as most Isekai stories. Up to this point most characters felt very much one dimensional or proped up by tropes and cliches. The story developed at a decent, but rather slow pace, while the world as shown so far has little to nothign special to it compared to many other Isekais, but has neither anythign obviously wrong with it. All in all I got to say if you want a different flavor of the standard Isekai, this story is better than at elast 80% of what Webnovel has to offer you. If not, it probably isn't the story for you.


Lmao I just love how you put a very vivid warning in the book description couldent have been more clear😂😂😂very heated but I like the honesty.


There are very few novels that can make me say this but this novel is absolutely one of them. It is a MASTERPIECE. That's it, that is all I have to say. Actually this is the novel that compelled me to write up a the story for my novel. 10/10 - 100% of the time. No doubt about it.


I like what you have written so far but even more is that you write for yourself, for the story and a personal conviction which turn into an original story. Gj keep it up. I am not giving you a full score because of some issues which started from personal opinion but i don't want to impose as you made yourself crystal clear about it in the description.


I genuinely think that your novel is interesting. Although personally I found it too heavy, but it was also light at the same time. I found some words are philosophical so it's really meaningful. The story development is also pace very well. Thanks for introducing this novel to me!


Ok I reviewed already for my pre evaluation but after reading only the first chapter I'm ABSOLUTELY HOOKED this novel is interesting well written and has a mysterious quality all it's own it's so flippin good I had to stop by and rate again I love the way this author writes hes not afraid to cuss or get into gritty detail and all of his sentences are well flowing and eloquently spoken I have read 1 chap and I love this book😂😂


To be honest the premise of the novel sounds amazing and if the author would like to a similar sounding novel would be supreme magus bc it's got an mc with a dark past too. I like this novel with a real human being as mc I'm excited to see where this goes. Pre-novel report end😊


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The good read and my kind of webnovel i love the characters especially the plot twist! I also live the artistic and lively visuals being illustrated as the story goes.


The start of the novel is nice, every one can relate to a few things written, but it's an unexpected story. I will appreciate author for the long chapters, it will give the reader satisfaction even if you would update one chapter a day. Keep up the good work.


For those who like books based on fantasy or supernatural realm, they definitely should give this a read! I like the detailed elaborations of the worldly background and our main character. The grammar is good as well. Haven't made it really far because of busy routine but will definitely continue it. All in all, good job author ♥️


Heya, it's a good read, the story is good, the characters are good, and the English is good too (at least better then mine) a missing word here and there but nothing to fuss over. I'm glad I picked it up and spend my time reading it. I hope there will be some plot twist down the line though, as it kind of feels that the hints for the plot aren't very subtle. But that might just be my taste! Doesn't make the story worse. All in all, I recommend!