179 Early preparation of gift

Music Recommendation: Emma is bored- Isobel Waller

When Eve entered the Moriarty mansion's hallways, Marceline, who was coming in the other direction, greeted her, "Morning, Ms. Barlow. I wasn't expecting you to be here today."

Eve noticed how the vampiress never used 'good' behind the morning. She smiled at the vampiress and offered a bow, "Good morning, Lady Marceline. Is it because the local carriages have stopped moving for today?"

"Yes," Marceline offered Eve a sweet smile. "I was wondering how you would come today, but then I suppose you came from your personal carriage?" 

Eve knew if she breathed a word about Noah, Marceline would end up piling her with more questions about him before asking if she delivered her request. 

"The carriage—"


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