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Allow me to love fictiously


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This is a typical shameless review from the author. You can check it out if you feel inquisitive enough, and kindly leave your thoughts . I'm a very lazy person, so I'll try to update at least 5 times every week or more. It depends on how the book turns out to be. So, ummm.... Thanks? [img=recommend]

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Woah 😍 .. .the title is unique and catching .thanks for recommending the book.. .the first chapter was intriguing ,and make my interest peak to read more .. It also makes my imagination runs wild Thank you for writing this awesome book :)


They say K drama is therapy. I say this book does the same thing too. Loved the plot of the story and it is beautifully depicted. Good work author.


Reading throughout, the story was very concise. Finally a genre where readers that crush on fictional book characters (like me, lol) can relate to! Please do update more chapters!!!


From the very beginning, the reader can feel that the author has a concept for the whole story! A big plus for that ;) The plot is intriguing, and the main character - Makena has an interesting personality.


The synopsis alone already captured my heart!! Off to read it all!😍. Good job, author !


Splendid... First of all, I don't really prefer reading First person's POV but I love your way of writing. It intrigued me and I am loving every chapter. The characters were well written, the details, the little gestures, emotion..........It was Super splendid. Well done Author..👌👌 Looking forward to more of it and Good luck..👌👍👍


the synopsis is soo captivating 😱😫😩. im loving it so far. well done author. keep up the good work[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Fantastic! I love romance and the synopsis alone caught my attention. This is such a sweetheart for me and I could feel the emotions on it. I hope more chapters will be released soon.


So from the title I could already tell it was my kind of book. I've started it and the writing style is chef's kiss. Wish the other readers luck cause I'm loving this already! 😚😚


Im reading this while having my lunch and i did not notice the time because im reading your work, this is very interesting and easy to comprehend the book cover is a perfection i love it! the character's dialogue is well written and for me this story deserve a five star good job author im going to add this on my collection so i can read it whenever im bored or outside your story is so fun to read really😊


the mc is a hyper type and brave ENOUGH to follow her heart this kind of book I will love to read with best snacks beside me imagining my self within the book am seriously gonna add it to my library


The author's imagination is quite something for writing quite the masterpiece. Just like the author's other books, you will find yourself slowly getting attached to the characters because of how effective the writing style is. Kudos to the author for writing, yet again, another story people would absolutely love to read. Especially because it fulfills the imagination of some hopeless romantics such as myself.[img=recommend]


This is fantastic I must say. Hope to see more works from this author and I'll definitely add this book to my library. So interesting I must say.


*Sorry for the late review* This book has some sort of relaxing vibe,I saw the A/N of the release and the cover and synopsis attracted me ,now it's the terrific content ♡. I love Makena so much because she reminds me of me hehe, I'm a talented nerd and no matter how much people call me weird,I confirm their assumptions. I'm really excited cuz I'm reading me lol. And yes Makena..we do believe in fictious love. To the Author; DON'T YOU DARE QUIT WRITING THIS BOOK 🥰🥰


I must rate a five star for this rarest kind of book, everything is right, the meet makeena chapter is the part that amazed me most, looking forward to more updates good job author


l love the suspense and the gradual and steady evolvement of the characters. The word level is captivating and engaging. This indeed a great work. Love the storyline as well.


Stop telling me. Show me. You love to tell your audience. Let the characters speak and grow. Let your readers share in her joy for the world. What does she want? What is her goal? What motivates her. You have interesting character give me a reason to care. You have talent develop it.


This a refreshing story. The character is capturing and fun to read as you follow this story. I can entirely relate to the MC and the author did a great job of taking us along for the ride.


the two chapters I've read are well written. the story is intriguing and captivating, especially the well-crafted grammar. now about the characters, the first two characters are alive. the author gave a detailed exposure to their way of life and attitude toward life—fantastic. in general, this story is attention-grabbing and has potential. good one author.