1 Meet Makena

My name Makena means "be happy". Most of the time, when I get giddy with excitement and joy, my friends and family would wave it off. Often they'll say `she's only living up to her nameʼ. I wonder what they'll say if they can see me now. A grown 24-year-old woman, jumping up and down as I fist bump the air.

When you stare at someone, try not to make it too obvious. You can stare them down, using just the corner of your eyes. That way, it wouldn't be so glaring. The people staring at me do not understand this concept. Most of them walk past me, dragging their feet, taking their precious time to examine me, unashamedly. But, whenever I make eye contact with them, they look embarrassed.

Shouldn't I be the embarrassed one? After all, it's not every day that you are an adult acting like a child, by the side of the road.

Jokes on them though, I'm way too elated to be ashamed. Why would I be ashamed? Even if I look like someone set my pants on fire, forcing me to do the happy dance. Have you ever seen anybody ashamed of achieving their dreams? Of course, except if the said dreams are not worth achieving. Although, I think all dreams are important, no matter how small. Well, I am Makena Anderson and my dreams are worthwhile.


Turning abruptly, "Huh?" I bumped into someone's chest.

He hurriedly helped me to stand properly, holding my shoulders in place.

I wasn't embarrassed about dancing on the sidewalk, but I am most definitely embarrassed about bumping into a random stranger. Embarrassed enough to blush brightly. It is during times like this that I am happy to have a semi-brown skin. You can't see the way my face popped up like a tomato unless you look closely.

"Ma'am? I'm your Uber driver."

He didn't mind, he wasn't blushing. In fact, he wasn't giving off any emotions at all. Strictly sturdy and professional.

Regaining my posture, "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough to watch you dance. It's pathetic" Still sounding professional, he took a jab at my ego, "Just get into the car already."

"Pfft" Muttering under my breath, I dragged my feet to the car. It was parked just beside me, at the side of the road. I was way too lost in my thoughts to notice that the Uber that I ordered had arrived.

The professional driver huffed, stepping into the car, behind the wheels. Rather than sitting in the passenger's seat, I opted for the back seat. It's because of reasons like these that I want to get a car. It doesn't matter anyway, I just nailed the job, soon to get a car, and finally, the man.

More often than not, I get asked whether I'm on some sort of substance that makes me so ecstatic. When they ask this question, it's usually with a look of disgust mixed with confusion. I'm used to seeing that look, which is why it didn't faze me at all when my driver mirrored one of those looks.

His jaws chiseled and his expression grim, "Do you use drugs? I'm not talking about the medical kind."

Rather than focusing on the road, he tried to catch my eyes in the rear mirror.


"You have been chuckling to yourself. It's creepy. Not to mention that I saw you dancing by the side of the road to no music." I didn't need to see his face, but I'm sure he had just plastered on a frown. "It's none of my business anyway."

Not giving a proper response, I let out a contented sigh. I don't care about what he thinks. I'm always weird. Today is not an exemption. It's safe to say that I should be allowed to be extra weird today.

Who cares if I speak to myself, in the back seat of an Uber? Who cares if I dance by the side of the road to no music? All they should care about is that Makena Anderson now works with Jotham Wright. THE Jotham Wright. CEO of "The Right Industries."



A stern voice dragged me away from my never-ending line of thoughts.

"Aren't you supposed to get down here?" There was that usual frown accompanying his words. The car was parked in my driveway, giving us a proper view of my front lawn.

"Yeah... Thanks."

It didn't take long for me to be out of the car, and in the safety of my porch, watching the car drive away. Clicking my tongue, I remembered what my nameless driver said to me before scurrying away.

He said, and I quote, "You are a weird one. It's eerie."

I simply laughed and responded by saying "I know."

It didn't make him feel better. Although, he wasn't against collecting his fee, and I wasn't against paying.

All of that is in the past now, time to focus on the present. There's no time better than the present, and there can't be a better time than now to share my good news.

"Aurum!!!" I called out, dropping my handbag on the couch. Without using my hands, I managed to kick off my shoes by wiggling my feet.


A voice responded from one of the rooms, with my sister walking into the living room a few seconds later. As usual, not even a strand of hair was out of place. She can easily pass off as a model without even trying.

Without hesitation, "You look beautiful as always." I passed off a compliment, as my body flopped onto the love seat.

"Thank you."

Aurum waved it off, used to my random compliments. Not a day passes by without me reminding her that she was born to be beautiful. It's not me being weird, I just adore my baby sister.

"What's the deal?" She sat on the couch where I placed my bag, crossing her legs gracefully. Her sundress rode up a little with that gesture, not revealing anything.

"My Uber driver said I am weird."

"He's not the first, neither will he be the last." Aurum's mouth curved into a smirk, "Remember the one that cursed you in german?"

"How can I forget? I still hear him yelling fotze, arschloch, and schlampe whenever I close my eyes."

We dissolved into a peal of laughter, reminiscing one of the weirdest moments of my life. That's a story for another day. Today's story involves a certain Jotham Wright.

"Ssshhh, Aurum."

Her laughter was brought to an abrupt pause, and her eyes watched me intensely. Clearing my throat, I embraced the silence for a second before speaking.

"Today, I met Jotham Wright."

"Oh My Gosh".

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