2 Meet Aurum

"Oh my gosh"

Aurum has been frozen in the spot since she said those three words. I feel delighted though. I rendered my usually chatty sister speechless, not everybody can brag about that feat.

"Aurum...." My eyes lingered on her gaping mouth for a second, "Are you okay?"

The silence in the room didn't sit well with me, it made me nervous. Which is strange because I am never nervous. Nervous enough to stare at my nails, without noticing anything. It was better than waiting for Aurum to say something. Anything at all.

My mom always said that I would be the death of her, maybe I would also be the death of Aurum. Just maybe I broke her and now, I have to fix the pieces together.

Breaking the lingering silence, "You didn't break me." Her typically cheerful voice was enveloped with a cold edge. The kind of tone you would use when sharing bad news.

"Phew" I pushed off the coldness in her voice, trying to focus on how to think without speaking.

"Why?" To my surprise, she sounded doubtful, "Why did you go after him?"

Aurum is perfect in all things, not excluding a poker face. While I wear my emotions on my sleeves, Aurum would make you question if she has emotions at all. Even though she is usually chatty. This is why, when she creases her brows and puckers her mouth, I know things just became serious.


Still wearing a frown, "Jotham. You went to him." She explained briefly, tilting her head for an answer.

"Yes, because that's what my business needs. A new contract." With a calm voice, I also explained, "Not just any contract, but one with a high profile organization."

A contract with Jotham Wright is the breakthrough I've been waiting for since forever. This was probably the best news I could receive in years to come.

"Out of all the high-profile organizations existing in this state, you chose Jotham Wright's. Pfft."

If someone else could hear our conversation, and my sister's" hmph", they would conclude that she wasn't happy for me. I know for a fact that she is more elated than I am, but circumstances prevailed.

"I tried my luck and it worked. What's the big deal?" Crossing my arms, I raised my brows questioningly. The same way she has been doing all along.

Uncrossing her legs, "Don't feign ignorance." She smoothened the end of the sundress that graced her body. Perfectionist.

"Shouldn't you be happy for me?"

"For your business, I am happy. In fact, I am so proud of you for getting a contract." Not breaking our eye contact, "Not just anyone but a high-profile one at that. I could hug you right now."

"Finally, the praise I deserve." I tried adding humor and sarcasm, but she wouldn't be fazed. I bet she's partly a robot.

"But, as your sister, I am worried about you. You are obsessed with that book, and even more obsessed with Jotham."

Of course, there was a but. I saw it coming.

Shrugging it off, "I don't know what you mean." I scratched the back of my neck, trying to get rid of my sudden anxiety. My entire body gives me away whenever I attempt lying.

"The book on your bed at the moment, the one written by Caroline Wright. The book you haven't parted ways with since you were 18." For dramatic effects, she gestured to the stairs. "The book our excuse of a father gave you as your 18th-year birthday present."

Her mask slipped at the mention of our father, revealing a detached look. Although, it was only for a split second. Have I mentioned that the only time Aurum isn't perfect is whenever something relates to our father? Even the mention of his existence is triggering.

"So what? I love the book." Another shrug punctuated my statement. The book would always have a special place in my heart, my life, and my soul.

"I know that. The same way you love Jotham Wright because he acted the role of the male lead when the book got adapted into a movie."

The image of how I drooled over Jotham's first scene appeared flashed across my head. It made me blush a little, and it didn't escape Aurum's gaze.

Being the speechless one now, "Errrr... "



"Look at me and tell me you didn't get the job because of him."

It was only sensible not to look at her, so I focused on staring at the floorboards instead.


Clenching her fist, "Look at me and say that Makena!!!" Her yelling startled me, as I jumped in my seat. Breathe Makena, Aurum is only upset.

"I can't." It's only because I'm a terrible liar, and she would see right through me anyway.

She proceeded to tell me what I already knew, "Everybody says you're weird." There was no frown or scorn behind her words. It is simply a statement of fact.

"That's because I am." Squirming in my seat, "We both know that." I suddenly felt small and insignificant. She wasn't doing anything wrong, only speaking the truth. But sometimes, the truth is more useful than a dagger.

"No, you aren't weird Makena." Walking to the love seat I occupied, she sat on the left arm of the seat. "You are ecstatic and overly cheerful. Not everybody can handle that amount of ecstatic." Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, she planted a kiss on my forehead.

Bobbling my throat, "Oh"

It doesn't feel right to be at the receiving end of the lecture. Most of the time, I am always doing the comforting, and holding her in my arms. So, I nodded as she continued speaking.

"But you know what even I can't handle?" I shook my head, "My older sister is in love with a fictional character. It's beyond weird."

This was my chance to say something. Allowing the clock to tick, "Aurum...Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Of course." She answered immediately.

"Do you believe in true love?" I asked further, raising my brows.

There was another immediate response, "Yes, I do."

"Why don't you believe in fictitious love?"

Huffing, I turned to face her. It was hard to maintain eye contact, because she sat on the chair's arm and it made her taller while sitting.

"Because it's fictious." Giving me a pointed look, "Jotham isn't your favorite male lead. He simply acted the role." There was a scoff before she continued yet again, "And that's because his mother is the author."

I also shot her a pointed look, "In an interview, she said the character was written based on her son's personality."

"She has two sons." Both of her eyebrows were raised in challenge. As if she was saying `let's see how you get out of that one. ʼ

"Nobody knows the other one. Besides, Jotham played his role. Can't you see that fate is saying something here?"

I wasn't lying. Caroline Wright, the famous author and boss lady of the Right dynasty has two sons. One is unknown, meanwhile, Jotham is well known to everybody. Especially myself, now that I work for him. It hasn't been concluded yet, there was only paper work left to be done.

Realizing that I didn't back down, she restored to hurtful sarcasm. "That I have a delusional sibling. Sure, loud and clear."

"Honestly, I love the book." Since I got it as a present, " I also love the male lead. I fell in love with Jotham from the moment he appeared on my screen to play that role."

Since I loved Jotham fictiously, I can also love him in reality. Can you see things from my point of view?

"Why are you telling me things I already know?" Her shoulders slumped in defeat, knowing that I had already won this round. At least, for now.

Time to sugarcoat her into letting it go, "I didn't go out of my way to get the job just because of Jotham."

"What other reason?"

"My business!!! Jotham is just an added bonus, maybe fate is saying something. Something that doesn't involve me being delusional."

"Hmmm. Whatever you do, remember that you have an infatuation, not love. It's simply an overdue crush."

"What do you know about love?" I mean, a rookie shouldn't be giving a professional advice. In this case, Aurum is the rookie.

"Umm..."It rolled off her tongue, but her red cheeks failed her. "Nothing."

"Are you blushing??"


Ah, my poker-faced sister feels something for someone. I don't know who the someone is yet, but I know the something is somewhat romantic.

Staring at her suspiciously, "Okay....." I made a mental note to get to the bottom of it later.

"What was your contract about anyways?"

Finally! The conversation changes.

Dramatically making a drumroll on my thighs, "Right industries are about to produce a new movie."

That caught her attention, "Ouuuuuhhhh, seriously??" I could see literal stars in her eyes. That's the reaction I have been waiting for.

"Yup." Coaxing her attention, my lips curved into a smug grin, "My fashion line will be used during the movie."

Jumping down from her sitting position, she stood in front of me, placing her hands on her hips.

"The actors and actresses will be clothed in your designs!!!"

"Yes!!!" I stood up, mirroring her gesture. We looked like two cute happy clowns. It depends on the position you were looking at us from.

Bumping her fist in the air, "OMG!!!!", letting out a squeal of delight, "Aaaaa", she completed it with a happy dance.

Was that how I looked earlier this morning? I can't believe I did something that ridiculous by the side of the road, or maybe even worse. No wonder I don't have a reputation.

"There's more, we get to go to the set during production really often." That was the cheery on the sundae. Back-passes to the movie set. I bargained for that deal specifically for Aurum and a little bit for myself. She always chatters about how she hasn't gotten the chance to see a real movie production before. Turns out I'm her fairy godmother. In form of an adoring sister.

Just like I expected, her mouth was left gaped, "Oh my gosh."

Giggling, "Please don't freeze up on me again." I said referring to the incident from earlier. That was a scare.

"I won't." She closed her mouth, and opened it again to form new words, "This is a good kind of shock."

"Thank goodness." Teasingly, I nudged her by the side.

"What about the pay?"

"Good. Really good." There wasn't any need to explain further, we both know what that meant.

"Does that mean you can finally get a car?"


It seems as though we have both gotten tired of Uber drivers. Especially the ones that use German swear words.

"We are rich!!!!" She raced off into the room she was coming out from.

"Haha." I didn't attempt to hide my happiness as I grinned brightly from cheek to cheek, "It appears so."

I heard her call from inside, "We need to celebrate this!!! I'm calling Coriane"

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