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In the year 2020, China accidentally released a bioweapon on its own people, a subcategory of the Coronavirus. The R- Nought was extremely high, a whopping value of 5.7, and was registered as a global pandemic. Expected to disappear by the summer, the world went into mandatory quarantine, and unexpectedly stayed in quarantine for 5 years. In 2025, the virus mutated, killing more than 20% of the world’s population. Shortly after, North Korea, taking advantage of the world’s chaos, released a series of nuclear bombs to major American cities, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Every one of them detonated in the air, but while supposedly harmless, these extremely powerful bombs quite literally ripped holes in the fabric of time and space, causing demons and monsters to appear from other dimensions. In the event of the bombs detonating, the people beneath them began to mutate, gaining supernatural powers and the ability to use magic. A very small population of those few (around 1/50 people) gained the ability to summon weapons forged from their souls, as well as the ability to use magic, taught to them by elves hired by the International Foundation. These people also are said to each be blessed by an individual god, using some powers of them, causing the nonhuman races to call them Allfather Candidates.


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