1 Prologue one: The Start of Everything.. eh Again? FIXED!

We can find inside the streets of Kuoh, a young man of medium to high height 1.80cm, thin but muscular physique, grayish blue eyes that show wisdom as fatigue with a particular red "birth" mark whose low from his forehead to his cheek.

Achieving to show off his moderately mature face along with his white-gray hair tied in a ponytail that came a little lower under his shoulders. dressed in a black gabardine, along with a white shirt and a red ribbon, black pants and shoes of the same color

[A / N: yes, I based myself on Allen Walker by D. Gray-man. In this novel process, with a little similar personality, only with more experience in battles, wars and sacrifices that were necessary and unnecessary.]

Allen: "So ... this city, will it be my new home ...?" Sighs weakly after remembering his trips, his friends, past loves, comrades in arms who left or died in the process.

¿?: [That's right, my beloved, I hope that on this world you can achieve what you've wanted so much, don't you think so, sacred?]

?: {Mmh] responds monotonously

?: [After all this time together, you still cannot get along each other with me huh?] Sigh * he sighs long to hear the short and unmotivated words of his partners in arms

?: [Mmh, only with Allen] comments monotonously.

Allen: 'Restia, Est, Please stop arguing we have not separated for years, don't you think it would be better for both of us to stop being this way? 'Making a forced smile while mentally telling both of them.

Restia / Est: [mmph!] Says as they pouted both

Allen: "hehe ... 'sigh * sighs tiredly thinking of both spirits hired in that world that he managed to save, but at the cost of his happiness with his intimate people whom he wanted more than pure friendship.

Restia: [In conclusion, my beloved, I realized that this world resembles the one you always told us, I mean your place of birth, Earth was that planet called?, We are in Japan according to the indications, will it be your old world??]

Allen: 'unfortunately not, I feel different auras to the distance such as pure but stained, also demonic energies ... if I am not mistaken we will have arrived at the world where there are both sacred and demonic powers like others ... yep, there is no doubt, those powers together in this place called Kuoh, we are in Highschool DxD' he commented as he feels these auras in different places, as well as in an abandoned church that seen in the distance, along with the demoniac in an Academy

Restia: [Perfect! More problems] sigh * she sighs tiredly thinking about everything his lover said in his multidimensional trips.

Est: [Allen, I'm hungry] monotonously comments on his second contracted spirit

Allen: Sigh "ok, we should look for a place where we should stay, at least we will not have financial problems in a long time."

he comments in a low voice making a devilish smile making nearby men tremble, but for some strange reason, women close to he blushed with seeing him and licked her lips while our young man comically showed signs of confusion over his head.

Without taking more importance makes his smile patented erasing all heaviness in his eyes and looking for a new place where he can call again "home."

Thus begins a new adventure, which our young protagonist, better known as Allen D. Walker formerly called as Alexander AKA Otaku in his previous life that for life's sake had to walk between gunpowder, swords, blood, sweat, and tears, together with her new companions Restia Ashdoll and Terminus Est in this long journey.

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