1 This is What You Came For

The moon shone brightly, almost intrusively, as he looked down at The Girl.   She was sleeping, but he had to make his rounds.   Her chest rose up and down as she lay tangled in her thick grey blanket.  The Girl was okay, for tonight.   So his job was done.   He had many other "charges" to look after, as he paid his atonement for the sins he had committed in his past life.   But he always spent a few more minutes with The Girl.   She was chronically ill and on medication.   But she still lived- or at least tried.  He had stepped in many times to save that life.  

He couldn't cure diseases or stop fate, but he could make sure that none of them harmed themselves in anyway.   Sometimes it was a voice telling them to go to the hospital, to get help.   Sometimes he prevented seizure patients from hitting a cold, hard floor.   Mostly, he stepped in where he could.   He learned just being there helped a lot more than he thought.   The Girl didn't have much family, so she was one of them.   Many times he just sat in hospital rooms so she wasn't alone.   He did that for a lot of people.   For, he had a lot to atone.  His sins had cost innocent people their lives, so he was told that it was fitting that he spend eternity saving lives.    As he looked around The Girl's apartment, he wondered if burning forever would be better or worse.  

The Girl was nothing like he was in his Earthly life.   Her apartment was decorated like a beach theme.  She loved the water.   He learned that the water didn't always love her last summer when she nearly drowned.   He had to pull her up from the bottom, and for a moment he feared she'd seen him.   But she didn't.   So after that, he took more chances.   Not enough to actually be seen.   He couldn't interfere in her day to day life, but he did things like this.  Looking around her place, sitting on her couch.  He learned quickly that her cat could indeed see him, but was friendly enough.   So every night, he pet the cat and looked around.    He had numerous people to look after, but he felt he knew her.   He had grown to like coming to The Girl's apartment because he felt.... normal.   And that was a dangerous, but thrilling thing for him to feel.   He could pretend that nothing happened.   He was just an average guy in a girl's apartment.  

Except The Girl was sleeping.  

Except The Girl had no idea he was there.

Except he was a monster.   

He knew he had many debts to pay; he felt them.   He relived them.   But when he saw The Girl, he was able to focus.   He felt her pain.   It hit him all over at once and at first he thought he might die again.   It scared and thrilled him.  

The Girl stirred in her sleep.   He had to go, but he would be back soon enough.   After all, he had others to look after. 

To be continued

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