All-Powerful : Summoning System(On Hold Indefinetly)
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All-Powerful : Summoning System(On Hold Indefinetly)


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What is All-Powerful : Summoning System(On Hold Indefinetly)

Read All-Powerful : Summoning System(On Hold Indefinetly) fanfiction written by the author I_S_Rift on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Nathan Storm's life has been boring as of late. He has no aspirations and little to no goals. Most of his time is spent at his computer in his room. His family and friend believe him to be lazy and unmotivated. Nathans believes their delusion. All he wants to do is spend his time relaxing. But unfortunately, Nathan doesn't have a choice. A mysterious questionnaire and a night of darkness sends him into a completely different world. A world of fantasy, magic, warriors, and kingdoms, both great and small. A dangerous world for someone without a weapon or some form of defense. It's a good thing then, that Nathans got a weapon of his own. [Transmigation and Integration Complete] [System transplant successful] [Congratulations Host. You have been transmigrated to a different world and have been given a unique gift. The All-Powerful Summoning System] ............................................ [Art is not mine]


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Always love a good summoner system, and this one scratches that itch of seeing characters of other anime/games serve the MC. Unlike other fanfics I see where an MC is either good or bad (or tries to portray the MC that way and ends up being too bipolar) this fanfic shows potential for a great story a like-able MC. Admittedly there was a small phase where the MC was pretty passive, however the author was aware of this and used it to develop the MC's character into what it is now (a King). Personally, the pacing of his changed attitude was weird but better sooner than 20 chaps later or something. Can't wait to read more, and if you're not sure about reading this just give it a chance, you won't regret it.


for all Kingdom Building story please please use the tag Kingdom Building is hard to find these kind of fanfiction here I thought would be some boring filler stuff but no I struck gold this time the start maybe not make any sense the lack of more prologue to story progression kinda feel like forced and rushed but that it, because after that is all amazing stuff that I like, character progression, world building, is nice, thought story progression is too quick for my taste, kinda feel rushed, too much happened and is also a life changing big event too in such a small frame of times


I personally liked it at first but it got a bit to "Be nice and friendly" for my tastes around chap 10. It's ok-ish but I'm more into the "evil" and "hatred" kina MC who isn't a hero or even good in general. someone bad with no allies. even though it's summoner.


Nice story didn’t finish till 3:30 am…gonna have fun waking up early ………………………. ………………………. ………………………. ………………………. ………………………. ………………………. ……………………….


I have read all the currently available chapters (100) and so far I am more than satisfied. I will not say that this is a masterpiece of masterpieces, because it will be a lie, but I will say that it was very pleasant and interesting for me to read, even if at first everything was somewhat... chaotic. For the first twenty-odd chapters, the main character develops, shows his character, changes and understands that he is not in his former world and that everything is different here. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be difficulties for the main character, otherwise how will he grow? But simple... without excesses, for example, some magician will fly in and kill everyone for the chapter and the hero will have to start over. I'm sorry that I write so much, but apparently it's on emotions after reading and apprehension. I like that the author made the hero very much... human, no matter how strange it may sound, because his goal is to become a god. That is, he does not crumple a hundred chapters that this is wrong and a lot of girls are bad, he just accepts, adapts and moves on. And the fact that there are a lot of different characters from different fandoms does not make the story worse. To be honest, if I had known that there would be so many different characters, I would have thought that the story would slide into a frank garbage dump, but this is far from the case. This story is much better than you might think, although I don't understand why there is still no harem tag or something like that. I also really hope that the author will not eventually slip into outright blackness, in the sense that he will not start writing about raping girls with whom he is close and their constant deaths and so on.(not that there are hints of this, just by the way) It's not that I don't trust the author, I just recently read something similar, where everything started for health, and ended for the repose... I mean, it's really bad, so I had a disgusting aftertaste and I immediately dropped the story. SPOILER (probably) And I also don't really understand the extent of people's powers in this new world. As I understand it, there are those who can destroy the island, this is a high level of forces.... but the same Esdeath can destroy the continent that is hired above. Just some clear table with levels would be nice to see... maybe there was something similar in the beginning, but I've already forgotten. Just as I understood the main character is still a frog at the bottom of the well, but I would like to know exactly at the bottom of which well. In general, read it, thank you all for your attention.




So this is the first review I write on this, even if I liked a book I usually couldn't be bothered, so that should tell you something about how much I love this. (Should also let you know not to expect a Times critique) (as of chapter 104) Let's get the boring stuff out of the way and talk about the writing itself. It's quite good, for this site it's even top-tier. The worst you'll get is a couple typos and a missing word, there is sometimes some grammatical hickups but it's so slight that most won't catch it and nobody really would care. Another person reading before posting or maybe a good program could probably smooth the few rough spots but it's not really needed. Now about the pacing. I think it's as good as you can get with this type of story. It's something very subjective but in general the story feels like it walks when it needs to but will run when it's appropriate, I haven't felt like it crawled or sprinted at any point and in here that's rare. The world building so far is good. We started with a concrete view of a village and a hazy outlook of a kingdom and 100 chapters later we're very familiar with the kingdom (for obvious reasons), we have an idea of the bigger empire and the world at large is slowly coming into focus. I will say that a bit more detail would not be unwelcome, for exemple with the power system of the world but it feels intentional so that we don't put fixed "power levels" on the summons and so that the author can reveal it little by little. The main character, well the best way to say it would be : He makes sense. He was a normal guy and everything changed suddenly and you feel it. He adapts (arguably a bit too fast but I like it and it's well within what's possible) but he still has hangups and he's far from perfect. (as the author said multiple times at the start read until chapter 20 before shouting "beta!") Now, what is usually the biggest problem with "summoning type" stories, the character development. Well this thankfully doesn't fall into the hole of cardboard personalities. Most of the important characters have been developed and not just the summons. And even if we don't get a lot about a character you can feel that it's coming and it just needs a bit more time. Obviously it's never going to be super detailed because summoning means a lot of characters and we would need 1000 chapters to progress if we explained the why's of everything and everyone. BUT it feels natural. The last part will be the romance. Yes it's a harem, a big one at that, but before you leave know that the author has found a good balance between "pokemon" and "100 chapters for a kiss". The relationships are fast but you feel the....well feels. The s*x comes after some delibaration but it makes sense. And anyway while it's a big point in the story it's not the main one. Which brings me to my conclusion. I would call this a "Jack of all trades" with a general focus on kingdom-building type of story, any element by itself would be ok but all together, well "often better that a master of one". TL;DR It's good. Read it.




I don't really like summoning systems but this one has promise and although the early chapters are a bit naive its a suprisingly good read. Grammar could improve and hope the mass release comes soon


La verdad una muy buena novela y una buena diversidad de personajes espero que no caiga y pueda terminar la novela. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I dont post review often but this is one of the best novels ive read. The author did a good job at the plot and world building in addition to the background of characters and the development of the MC is good.


Reveal spoiler


This story is truly great. The only issue i have is that the world building isn't completely fleshed out yet. It does however show a lot of potential. The only real problem i have is that the MC's character isn't that good in the beginning. This however turned into great character development. If you are planning on dropping this due to the MC's actions and thoughts try to read until Chapter 20 as it is a major turning point for the character.


one of the best novel I read so far in webnovel, nice character building, not fast but not slow, dialogue between character is quite nicely done, 5 star although not perfect, nothing caj be reached into perfect level in this world......atleast it is good for now......👍✌✌


A satisfying read if you read it full without giving up .. let's hop this keeps up ............,.............................................................


Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work.




One of the best summoning system fanfiction I ever read. The Mc is kinda op but still needs his summons to help him since he has a summoning system. The summons is diverse and you don't know who is next. 10 out 10 would fa- I mean read again.


Great stuff keep it up! —_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A cheap copy of "Shoujo Grand Summoning", and just today, author dropped this. So... not much to say********************************************************


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