1 What's A Better Way To Start Then Coffee.

Hey there! I'm Grace Holland, I'm seventeen, and yes! My parents are "The" Steve Holland, and "The" Rachel Holland.

Don't take me wrong. I love them a lot. It's just this introduction that gets on my nerves.

My mom is a cook book author. She has been on various TV shows for her work. My dad is an excellent lawyer, and he hasn't lost even a single case in his entire career. As a reward of my parent's success, especially my dad's, we keep shifting. Sometimes we change cities, and if my dad's opponents are too sketchy, then we change states.

As a kid I found it very interesting. Discovering new places, meeting new people and all, but now I'm fed up of all that. I want a setteled life now. And after so much of pleading and puppy eyes magic, dad finally agreed...

The main reason for which I wanted to settle down, was , because it's my senior year and as cheesy as it sounds, I wish to have a great prom. I don't necessarily want it to be a date, I just want to see what the fuzz is all about.

I've been home schooled my entire life. Okay, maybe not entire, but maximum part of it, and of all the so called friends I've had, only one stayed in touch. Ava Smith.

Ava is a blonde and bubbly girl with electric blue eyes. She's a total friend material. Our friendship is about five years old now, and she is the reason that in back in this city, all the way from South, so that we can complete our senior year together at Castlewood High!

Sounds fancy, right?

I've dreamed of studying there my entire childhood. The campus is huge, and hence I expect them to throw an equally great prom.

I arrived here with my family yesterday and we finally bought some furniture. We did have some expensive decoratives and personal stuffs but it's been so long since dad decided to "buy" a couch and not rent it. I feel we'll finally have a normal life.

I wanted to be prepared for everything this new life throws at me, so I left for school early. So early, that now I'm waiting in my car for the school gates to open. I know the classes start at nine, but didn't know that the school will be closed at seven. Don't they need to do... Stuff? Before the classes start?

Another reason for my early arrival was that most of my clothes were still packed. So I just wore a skinny denim and a maroon boat necked top. Fortunately, it wasn't a bad hair day, so I let my dark brown hair flow, all the way down to my waist, and I was done!

But now I regret it.

Since I didn't have any other option, I checked for nearby cafes. The closest one was "Cafe Connect". The reviews were great, and I had to kill my time anyway, so I didn't see any harm in visiting that place.

The drive turned out to be short. I went inside and ordered a cold coffee. I generally order something citrussy or dry fruit filled. I have green eyes with freckles of brown, which I wish we're entirely green, so I try and keep myself under a diet to change my eye color naturally. But since I also didn't wanted to throw up, because I'm dead nervous and consumed something heavy, so a cold coffee should be good.

While I was waiting for my order, I saw a guy across the room, working on his laptop.

He had jet black hairs with medium length. His hairs were side parted and combed over. He wore a fitted white shirt with sleeves rolled over up to his elbow. And his jawline didn't help me keeping myself together. The entire​time he didn't look up, which I'm grateful for, but I could notice his earthy brown eyes. He looked focused on his work, and that somehow made him look even more attractive.

I've been staring at him so long, that I just hope I wasn't drooling. I know I said my aim of joining school was prom, but that doesn't mean I'll be throwing myself at every handsome guy I see. Studies are far more important. He looks quite older than me, and I'm sure he has a girlfriend anyway. I mean, look at him! How can he not?!

While I was unconsciously still staring at him, a man, whom I suppose to be either the manager or the owner of this place approached him. The guy still didn't look up for his laptop. They spoke in hushed tones. I don't know what the guy said, but the man started walking towards me. He came closer and almost wispered,

" Sorry Miss, but we expect you to leave now."

" You expect- what? Why?"

" Our customers are uneasy because of your presence. If you like, we can deliver your order as a takeaway to the parking lot"

They've got to be kidding me.


I too a deep breath and continued.

" Sir, I just want my coffee."

" And we'd be happy to serve you Miss, if you just mov-"

" You cannot do That to your customers!"

It was now that I realized how much attention we've attracted. Everyone was looking at us. But the guy who caused all this, he rose up, pulled on shades, took his laptop, and walked out of the cafe casually. Just like that.

I won't let him get away with this that easy.

I went outside and saw him walking towards a black convertible Corvette. He was about to open the door when I stood in front of him,

" You cannot humiliate me in front of everyone like that."

He just stared down at me for a few seconds without any expression and said,

" Do I know you?"

" No you don't, and that's exactly my point. You cannot throw people out of public pl-"

" But I just did that, didn't I?"

He totally ignored me and got inside his car. I anyhow managed to frame a sentence.

" Just who do you think you are?"

" You don't know me? Even better. For a second I was worried you are following me for a picture with me or something."

" I didn't even do anything and you've spoiled my entire day!"

" I couldn't care less. Now, if you don't mind, get out of my way."

The car's engine roared and that made me jump out of his way.

I can't believe that just happened.

But one thing was for sure, I didn't wish to make a fool of myself anymore. So I called Ave,

" Ave? Hey! Where are you now?"

" Home? Why? Is everything alright?"

" Yeah, everything's fine, but, is it possible for you to reach school right now?"

" Now? It's like, seven forty. It's too early for even you Grace. Are you sure everything's fine?"

" Meet me in school parking in twenty, I'll tell you everything there. Okay?"

" Okay. I'll be there in twenty. See ya!"

" I exhaled it all out and went back to school. Fortunately, the gates were open this time. I soon spotted Ave and she started hopping in her heels towards me.

" OH. My. God. Grace! It's been so, so long. Five years?"

" Five long years"

She hasn't changed much. Even her height is almost the same.she has the same hairstyle with her silky straight hairs cropped up to her shoulders.

Last time when I shifted here with my parents, I had no idea I'd become friends with someone like Ave. She is a pure romcom and I'm more of an animation kind of person. But since we both believe that pizzas are Paradise, we got along well.

I won't call us unseperable because I remember the time she tied my shoelaces together so that she could go on a date with one of those popular guys, but that's a different story to be told later.

She's the only person I know as a friend and I like hanging out with her. I mean, I used to like it, so I'd probably like it now as well..

We started walking towards our classes and I told her everything that happened this morning. Her eyes widened and she gasped multiple times.

" No. Way. Really?"

" I wish it was a dream. Though it would have been a nightmare. But at least no one would have witnessed how miserable I felt."

" Wow, Grace. Not even two complete days in this city and you are already meeting famous people."

" His popularity is least of my concern. I just wish I never meet him again. That was was radiating arrogance."

" By what you've told me, I'd definitely like to see him once. He sounds so dreamy...."

" Believe me Ave, you do not want that. But, who do you think he could be? He sounded quite confident about his reputation."

" Hmm.. well, I can't tell you for sure. There are too many insanely rich families in this area, he could be a Sullivan, a Reyes, a Roux or maybe a Maddox. No wait! Not a Maddox. They don't have any guy around twenty five as you said."

" You have too much knowledge for a school reporter"

" Hey! I'm just helping you."

We both laughed.

We were about to open the classroom door when it bursted open. Two guys stood in front of us. One had pale white skin and his hairs were lightest shade of blonde. The other guy was slightly tanned and had brown hairs with caramel highlights. They were both all built up so I suppose they are in some sort of school sports. But the question is, what are they doing here this early?

" I believe you are new here?"

The guy with brown hair asked looking at me with a smile.

" Yeah... It's my first day."

" Thought so, there's no way I could have missed that face..."

Should I feel offended? Maybe? But I could feel my cheeks heating up.

However, I was holding up better than Ave.

The other guy was just smiling at her and she was all pink. Clearly, they were both interested into each other.

We heard foot steps approaching us, and as if something snapped inside the blonde guy, he wispered, not so slowly, to the other guy,

" Jason, we need to go now...."

The other guy just nodded and they both sprinted down the corridor waving goodbye at us.

" I need to go after him"

Ava said and started following them, but I pulled her back.

"Whoa there, girl, where are you going now?"

" That's Jason and Noah! They are best soccer players of our school!"

" Something tells me you are not going after them for an autograph."

" That's because I'm not. Didn't you see how they saw us? I think even you should come with me. Jason will-"

" Not happening."

" Oh c'mon. You were clearly blushing."

" Maybe. But that doesn't mean I'll follow him like a fangirl."

" Do whatever you want. But I'm going to have a perfect love story this year. See ya!"

And with that, she left, and I was all alone.


So much for five years of friendship. But it's fine. She has always dreamed of a fairy tale life and I know she won't stop until she has one.

I went inside the classroom and sat in one of the middle seats. A faculty soon came. If I'm not wrong, her name's Mrs. White. Quite a racist name, but suits her. She has one of the most vibrant white skins I've ever seen and her white hairs were tide in a French twist bun.

" I see. New student miss.....?"

" Grace. Grace Holland."

" OH, Yes, Yes. I remember. I've heard a lot about your parents."

Here we go again.

She placed her books and other materials on the desk and continued to talk.

" I didn't know how to cook until I purchased your mother's book. Her techniques are so different!"

" I'm sure she'll be happy hear that..."

" OH, and are the rumors correct? Will there be a movie made on one of your father's cases?"

" I don't think I know anything about that."

" It'll be great if they do that! I mea- whoa!"

And in a blink, she was gone.

Don't panic.

Nothing too serious. I think someone vandalized her chair. It broke with a crack and she landed on the floor. I went closer to help her but she motioned me to stay away.

When she rose, she was beet red.

" Miss Holland, to the principal."

" But I didn't-"

" I said, To. The. Principal!"

........ Couldn't have imagined a better beginning....

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