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Witness various sides of devotion and despise, summed up in one story, The story of Grace Holland. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Do NOT trust anyone in this book!! People do strange things when they are drunk, stranger when they are in love. But that's nothing in comparison to what they can do for revenge... Hold on, or let go? We'd never know the answer to some questions, and it's better that way. But what if we are talking about malice here? Will the answer still be that difficult? Times Change, so do people, and I don't really see a problem in it. Change is nature and is necessary. It's completely normal, if someone who loved you earlier, is no longer interested in you. Problem arises when people don't let go. Even the most beautiful feelings​ can be problematic if we hold on to them for too long. They start building needless sentiments inside us and we can no longer referee our actions. That's where problems origenate. That's when things get, All Personal...