*WARNING!!!* EXTREME LEVELS OF CULTURE!! *Lemons? - In excess!!!* *V's? - Of course yes!!* *Plot? - Divine!! [Stop right here cultured bros and sis. Hope you are skillful with holding your phone in one hand? Because I bet ya, you'll need to, lol]... °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Put some pants on, your d**k is staring at me" the lady in white heavenly transparent attire said to Alex. Alex looked around trying to figure out if truly this was heaven and if he had died. He wasn't all too sad about it because at the end, if heaven had naked women walking around, then it did live up to the hype. "You are dead but it's a bit complicated. You see, I know a way you can go back, but I can't guarantee you'd get what you want. Do you want to go through with being reborn?" The lady with the alluring body said to Alex. With every word escaping her kissable lips, Alex listened with keen attention. Of course he would, for all he knew, he was basically staring at a god's pussy. That alone had beat all the accomplishments of his life time. "Yes, I'll do it," Alex agreed to being a subject of the lady's experiment knowing fully well it could be the end of him. ****** Alex Riley, a man in his late thirties whose life changed into a nightmare when he caught his wife cheating with his boss. Frustrated, Alex left his apartment but little did he know he was living his life behind as a terrible accident occurred that lead to his boss and wife dying. Alex is pinned down for the death of the two. Alex now having spent about a lifetime in prison finally decides to give into the charms of his prison Warden, Brenda. Brenda had chased Alex for years but finally, she got hold of him. Now engaged in the act with Brenda or as he was about to, Alex discovered Brenda might be too much for him. Alex died a pitiful and ridiculous death. His whole life ended in a flash as he found himself drifting away from Brenda's unrestrained bouncing on him. But second chance awaits Alex and he looks to make good use of it. Now reborn in a new world, Alex finds himself starting over. A new start..a very very different world from the one he knew before. However, Alex runs into the impossible; Alex finds himself in a squabble with a god, the lust god. And of course Alex was defeated but not just that. The lust got made Alex his herald. Now blessed with a system by the lust god, Alex is tasked with the heavy burden of collecting wives. #No Yuri #No NTR *WARNING!!!* THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN R18 SCENES, VULGAR WORLDS, SOME INSTANCES OF ABUSE AND A WHOLE LOT. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVOID IT. OTHERWISE, ENJOY!!!... Join the discord ... https://discord.gg/HK2h8R9skE Ig profile and link : @darkknight4266. https://instagram.com/darkknight4266?igshid=YWYwM2I1ZDdmOQ== NOTE :Not my cover...will.gladly take it down if owner wants

Dark_knight234 · Fantasy
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As Alex stepped into the sacred space known as the Temple of Memories, an overwhelming sense of awe washed over him. The air was thick with a palpable energy, and the faint glow of ethereal light illuminated the chamber. The beauty and grandeur of the temple were beyond anything he had ever seen or imagined.

In the center of the temple stood a colossal figure, radiating an aura that seemed to encompass both wisdom and power. This divine deity, known as the Guardian of Knowledge, looked upon Alex with eyes that held the secrets of eternity.

The deity's piercing gaze locked onto Alex, seeming to see into the depths of his soul. With a calm yet commanding voice, the deity posed its second riddle.

The riddle you must solve," the deity said, "is as follows: I am a vessel without sails, a traveler without feet. I have no life of my own, yet give life to others. What am I?"

Alex didn't even ponder for too long on this one. The fear of losing his chance of being reborn perhaps drove his brain to work on overdrive. He immediately pinned the riddle to something he once experienced.

Alex pondered the riddle, his mind racing to find the answer. After a moment of contemplation, he replied confidently, "A body."

A smile played upon the Nebula's lips. She felt it was the right answer but then again, everything rested in the hands of the deity itself to decide.

"Correct, young seeker. A body indeed. A tough yet fragile vessel through which life experiences the world. A paradox of its own is a body. It is the magnificence of creation, the conduit of existence. Through bodies, souls walk, breathe, and interact with the universe. Every movement, every touch, is an opportunity to leave an imprint upon this world. The body is the physical manifestation of life and the vehicle for the soul's journey." The deity enlightened.

As the deity's words echoed within the temple, Alex felt a deep resonance within himself, recognizing the profound truth in those teachings. With newfound wisdom, he eagerly awaited the next riddle. He found the whole experience to be rather thrilling.

The deity's voice echoed once again, carrying a sense of anticipation and immense pressure. He knew for sure that this was it. The final riddle. Should he fail this one, then all would be lost. He would no longer get the chance to transmigrate again.

"Now, young one, I present to you my final riddle. What is fleeting, yet eternal? Invisible, yet profoundly felt.I am born with you and die with you, yet I am immortal. I can be traded, but never lost. I am the essence of the self, the tapestry of emotions. What am I?"

As the riddle was uttered, the words echoed through Alex's mind. He pondered, his thoughts intertwining with the clues hidden within the riddle's verses.

Alex looked to Nebula for answers but was well aware she couldn't intervene. He stood in the presence of the divine deity for a lengthy period with nothing to say. He even paced around and voiced the riddle all over in his mind, trying to find a connection that might exist in the wordings. After a helluva period of thinking, Alex soon looked at Nebula with his mischievous grin all over again.

Soon, his eyes sparkled with a newfound clarity, and he spoke confidently, "The answer is a soul."

The deity's eyes gleamed with approval. "Well done, Alex. A soul it is. The essence that transcends time and space, connecting each being to the vast tapestry of existence. It is the eternal flame within us all, a spark of divinity that ignites our consciousness and fuels our journey. Though invisible, it guides our actions, shapes our destinies, and allows us to connect with the greater cosmic dance. The soul is the true essence of our being, forever yearning for growth and understanding. But I must ask, how did you arrive at these answers?"

As Alex absorbed the deity's teachings, he marveled at the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between the three. He realized that choosing"A mind", "A body", "and "A soul" as the answers to the riddles wasn't merely an intellectual exercise but a profound understanding of the core tenets of creation and the human experience.

With humility Alex expressed his reasoning, "Divine deity, I chose 'A body' because it is the vessel through which we perceive and interact with the world. It allows us to experience the wonders and complexities of existence. I recollect that there was a time I was involved in an accident. My mortal self was seemingly detached from me as it felt like I was thrown out of my body. While as you say the body is a vessel, it is just as fragile as a glass. The body is the tangible manifestation of life's miracles, enabling us to touch, taste, hear, see, and feel. They are gifts that grant us the ability to explore, learn, and create in this vast universe." Alex stated his reasoning.

Nebula standing aside was beyond astounded. She never for once believed a man so much controlled by his intromittent organ would hold this much wisdom. But perhaps Alex was a rare type. He had always been one to be smart. His love for puzzles as a human was a great testament to his riddle solving skills. Alex was a rare case of two brains. One in his pants and the other in his head. They both seemed to function at the highest level.

Pausing briefly, Alex continued, his voice filled with passion and reverence as he explained his reasonings to the deity..

"And 'A soul,' because it is the eternal essence that brings meaning and purpose to our lives. It is what connects us to one another and the universe itself. The soul is the source of compassion, love, and empathy. A soul is essential IT. It is that intangible force that allows us to transcend our physical limitations and aspire to greatness. It is the driving force behind our search for truth, connection, and inner fulfillment. The soul is our true self, an eternal flame that continues to burn long after our bodies return to dust." Alex stated, flashing a smile at Nebula as he saw the stars in her eyes when he spoke. What Nebula wasn't aware of was all this time, Alex paid keen attention to all her rants and took his own interpretation from it.

The deity listened intently, glowing its radiant light all in acknowledgement of Alex's profound insights.

"Your words hold great wisdom, young seeker. You have grasped the essence of the body mind and soul, recognizing their significance in the grand tapestry of creation. By understanding their interplay, you unlock the potential within yourself to live a life of purpose and harmony. May this knowledge guide you on your journey and may the divine spark within you continue to grow brighter with each step." the deity said.

With those words, the deity's form shimmered, blending seamlessly with the ethereal light of the temple. The air seemed to hum with a newfound energy, as if the temple itself had come alive with the wisdom shared.

The deity's essence gleamed, a sign of approval. "Well done, Alex. You have cracked the riddle and proved your wisdom. Look for a path lies ahead of you, your road back to life awaits,"

With those words, a brilliant burst of light surrounded Alex. Unable to comprehend the unimaginable forces at play, he found himself seemingly drowning in the light. His consciousness slipped away, and they faded into the depths of transmigration.

As the light dissipated, Alex's awareness returned, but the world around him had transformed. He found himself on a bed with soft cushions around him. There was an unfamiliar scent of wildflowers that tickled his senses, a burn in his chest as he took his first air filling up his lungs and aiding his existence and the distant melody of songs of birds filled the enchanted air.

Blinking his newborn eyes, Alex discovered he had been transmigrated into the body of a baby elf. A small gasp escaped his lips as realization settled in. He was reborn in a world imbued with mysticism and wonder, a realm far different from his previous existence.

The elves, known for their eternal wisdom and connection to nature, were renowned for their tranquility and affinity for magic.

Alex's new form bore pointed ears and delicate features, confirming his entry into this whimsical magical world.

Alex saw two pairs of welcoming, loving eyes staring at him. Although unable to speak, Alex had his thoughts well gathered.

"These must be the unlucky folks that gave birth to me,"... Alex thought.

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