All My Friends Are System Holders Book

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All My Friends Are System Holders


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In this world where magic and superpowered abilities exist, so do heroes, villains and common citizens. My friends and I were simple common citizens with simple F - E ranked abilities... Before each of them began awakening systems of different types aiming to take them to heights they could never have dreamed of- All except me. . . . . . _________________________________________________________ Warning!: I am not a professional and only writing this for fun so please don't expect heights I can't give. I just felt like putting my imagination down to share so don't read it with the mind of this going anywhere lol. 1000+ words per chapter. Update schedule: Don't have any (writing for fun remember). Sometimes I might surprise you and sometimes I won't. Enjoy! (Try to atleast. No critics allowed up in here) [ The first 5 - 10 chapters might be quite info-dumpy and filled with descriptions and reasons, but that's because those are the introduction chapters. It'll reduce as we progress(hopefully) ]

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