All My Beasts are Legendary
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All My Beasts are Legendary

Da Yu Is Fat Again

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What is All My Beasts are Legendary

All My Beasts are Legendary is a popular web novel written by the author Da Yu Is Fat Again, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.33/5 and 180 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 172 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the era of Beast Taming, Ye Xuan with his superior Beast Editor, claims that he can turn even a snake into a Divine Dragon that soars across the nine heavens. Hence, the little monkey he tamed became a Deific Ape. The little birds he raised became a ginormous roc.

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At first it was really interesting but now they need to stop with the beast taming novels for a bit and switch up to a other types of novels but I'm not gonna lie from what I have read soo far I like this book👍


I don't recommend this book. MC's mindset is naive, unlike a person who still has memories from his previous life, except that he had brain problems in a previous life.


The novels pretty good. It seems better than the rest of the pet novels. Basically the cultivation levels are apprentice, dark iron, bronze, silver, gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger. Also as the pets rank up they lose a star


This is fking stupid. He goes from beginner to peak of the universe in months . And im not talking about Legendary. It is couple of stages above that.


Personally for me, the story is meh. The character design is half-hearted, the world background is vague and the power system is mediocre at most. The tone of the novel just didn't click it with me, guess I'm way too serious for this type of novel. For an average reader who just want a novel to kill time with, this one is meh enough. As for the other readers, I guess they read far too many shitty novels that their quality judgement fell down.


Great Read.. Would have given it 5 Stars but; - Population 100's of Billion++ - Beast Tamers are Rare? 1 High School = 80+ Beast Tamers (High School Only!?) - Starts in Small City -> Small Prefecture (350+ Prefectures) -> Small Province (9 Provinces) - Twin Seeds are Rare? Country of Xia has 20+ and then you have other Countries.. and this has been on for 300 Years.. - 100,000,000,000++ Population!! What could ever be Rare?!?!


If you want to the mc an op ability, at least make the world and the other characters interesting. Giving the mc such an ability where he has no struggle, makes the story get boring very fast.


Reading this feels like a novel written by a Reader rather than an Author. There is no exciting plots, the MC is plain without much character. Supposedly a guy with ***** previous life and plus 17 years, but still acts like a child, no uniqueness to him . Most characters are also bland. This is a mixed fruit juice of a reader who read a lot of beast taming novels.


Frankly I only gave five stars to update stability because of the translators. Otherwise the rest is SHIT. Don't read below is you don't want to be spoiled. SPOILER ... ... . . . . . . . . OK. So I read the raw and man. This story end at CH 500 or so. For a Chinese story this is already very low. Since generally they reach 900+ at minimum. Still at the start the story was interesting. The system was OP but he still had some limitations. He was OP but could still be threatened. The characters were funny and had some life. What is more ,it is a single pairing so the fmc had the time to be developed. All that though, is only applicable to 1/3 or half of the novel. Until then, the growth of power was acceptable. Fast but acceptable. But after a while he began to jump level without any real consolidation. Meaning we readers cannot even appreciate his new level before he jump to another one. This was the first hints that this story was already falling apart. All the side characters began to fall on the way side. The story became stall many plots were given up without closure. What's more, with his system you would think that myth is the last level? No it isn't. Myth, eternal, master, suprême, chaos. And do you know how long it took him to go from myth to chaos? Less than 40 chapters. 😂This should already explain everything. At the end, nothing was explained. The system wasn't, his many inheritances weren't, and so many many many fucking things. To be honest, reading was just a chore for me because I had invested too much and wanted to see the end. Lol even the author gave an excuse note because of how shitty the late arc were. Je recognized that he had basically gave up and was just rushing to end fast




Personally for me, the story is meh. The character design is half-hearted, the world background is vague and the power system is mediocre at most. The tone of the novel just didn't click it with me, guess I'm way too serious for this type of novel. For an average reader who just want a novel to kill time with, this one is meh enough. As for the other readers, I guess they read far too many shitty novels that their quality judgement fell down.


Gao Peng and Ye Xuan both have system to upgrade beast easily as long they have the materials for it. Gao Peng had Merciful Liberator Zi as his first contract pet, his family centipede. Ye Xuan first contracted pet is his family elf. When Gao Peng need materials for evolution, he ask his grandpa(later chapter), in this novel Ye Xuan ask Lin Shiru (from the start) Gao Peng had a space sttribute Jellyfish and Treasure Seeker Mouse, in this novel Ye Xuan got a snail? that has space attribute and love treasure. Gao Peng's Jelly fish love to sit on Gao Peng head and looks like a hat, the same with Ye Xuan snail. If you have read Monster Pet Evolution you'll find a lot of similarities in this novel, but I like MPE more than this novel because Gao Peng character is more likeable than Ye Xuan. Gao Peng is a lone wolf, no one to rely on except for Da Zi. while Ye Xuan got everything from the start, and keep getting furtuitous encounter one and another. Gao Peng pets most of them is a trash monster but he upgrade it into a strong and domineering monster, and he has emotional attachment to most of them. Ye Xuan pet that close to Gao Peng's is only the elf Xiao Wan I think? although this novel isn't better than MPE, I don't mind to read this in my spare time.


Although the theme itself is quite generic and getting overused from what I've read so far it's honestly pretty interesting and refreshing. MC for once isn't hiding his talents and although some of the parts that I've read are a bit cringe overall I was pretty satisfied from what I read. if the author maintains this level this could definitely be a great novel! Definitely pick this web novel!


Summoning again,Monster Taming again,is there any new? ...................... ......................... .............................


When you get paid to make spelling errors


after finished the raw I found author ended the story hastly there is tons of unsolved questions with out answers , last 70 chapters have no meaning just MC keep getting stronger and stronger without Equal and no challenge. even author said he quickly finished the story . story not worth reading


one of the best beast taming novel... good likable mc with an owerpowered cheat, there aren't braindead characters who make trouble for mc all the time and it has a good potential for world building hope this get picked up,


This Novel is quite good but they should now stop spamming this this type of story. Story is interesting MC cheat allow him change his beast's bloodline e.t.c ranking system in this Novel is quite ez to understand. I definitely recommend this book.


A very well done story with interesting concepts. I hope this gets picked up by webnovel. Lit will be interesting to see the power creep since he starts off so strong.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


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