All IN nothingness  System Book

novel - Fantasy

All IN nothingness System


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Everybody has a turning point in their life. The boy name Li Jian is a nerd and always bullied by his classmates also has his turning point. But it's his end of life. when their classmates going on vacation in the mountains they suddenly meet the robbers. when robbers are looting their money and other valuable items. At that time one of the rubber trying to assault the girls and other boys can only keep their heads down. But Li Jian who is the weakest boy and nerd when heard the girls screaming for help and seeing the despair in their eyes and trying to protect themselves but can't do anything. So he stands up with his trembling legs and shaking hands. His inner anger suddenly burst out for his incompetence and being useless in everything. He hates himself that he can't do anything. so he without any care of his life he fights with the robbers and kills them. But in the end, he died because of excessive bleeding, beating and reincarnated in the new world with a system. With the system, he can do anything and walk to the path of immortality to create his destiny. But he letter found that this system is not simple as he thought like other novel system. what will happen in the future?.....