1 The goddess

As I walked down the street, the new Pokemon Sword game in hand I set my self to wondering exactly what type of new Pokemon would there be, from various leaks and other early access content I new that there was a whole slew of new and rather weird looking Pokemon, but I didn't care as long as I could complete the pokedex and and raise top tier Pokemon that could defeat legendaries, then I was happy.

That was sort of my job online, I took money from rich nerds in exchange for some of my top tier Pokemon, and I worked at an electronics repair store in the real world, it was a pretty cool pair of jobs.

Work all day fixing old computers and play all night leveling my Pokemon and making them stronger .

I Lived in New York City, a apartment building on the edge of East Harlem to be specific, I lived with my brother, Andrew, we both worked hard to pay off the rent but still managed to be three days behind every time.

As I continued to walk, I must have had a small brain fart as the next minute I know, I'm in front of a speeding truck in the middle of the road.

And that's how I died, it wasn't the way I thought I'd go out, but it was better than nothing.

Now I'm just sitting here in a white void, or more accurately, I'm floating here in a white void.

I've been here for... A long time... I can't remember if it's been a week or a month, time seems to work differently here, but it hasn't been that bad, in the... Amount of time I've been here, I went over everything I already knew, comiting everything to memory, all in an effort to not go crazy, well not everything, mostly just Pokemon stuff, but it still worked.

But I soon ran out of stuff to go back over, 'I wonder what happens now?' I asked my self quietly.

Then from the white void came an answer to my question.

It was a woman, her hair was the colour of the universe, it had swirls of colour and small white stars covering the empty blackness of the unoccupied portions of her hair, her skin was... I can't even describe her any more than that, she was an ever changing beauty, some one that I couldn't describe, that no one could describe even if they tried.

"I am Kera, Goddess of Reincarnation, state your wishes and let them be known to the void" She had the voice of an angel, it was soft and clear, her every word was like a melodious song that put my mind at ease.

"what am I doing here?" I asked.

"you are here to be reincarnated, like every other soul who was struck down by the demon, Truck-kun" she answered in her depressed voice.

"your finale act of stupidity in an otherwise sad and pathetic life has earned you a only one wish from me" she continued as she floated around me inspecting my ghost like form.

"what can I have?" I asked.

"anything you want" she answered with out fault.

"can... Can I have another chance?" I asked

"you may have a second chance at life in a new world my young stupid sad friend, but to which world do you want to live in, out of the millions of the worlds which is the one for you?" she asked.

This wasn't a hard question for me.

In all my life, I had never loved Pokemon, I played every main series game and completed them to one hundred percent and then some.

"I want to be reborn into the Pokemon world, so I can become a Pokemon breeder or maybe even a farmer" I said.

"hahaha, that is very much possible, is there anything else, any specific time frame and features or changes?" she asked.

"Y-yes, I want to show up a week before the anime starts, just out side pallet town and... and before I forget can I have the same body and looks as I do now?" I asked

"Hmmm... It can all be done, I wish you good luck in your endeavours, my young sad friend ... now go, go and make sure my decision to reincaenate you was he right one, I will give you an extra gift just from me, so good luck" she said with a smile.

Suddenly, it was as if my whole body was being torn apart, I wanted to scream, but I found that I couldn't, It was like being torn apart and then being torn apart again once you were put back together.

It Was Agony.

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