All I want for Christmas are us Book

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All I want for Christmas are us


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There are things that never change, despite the passage of years; there are people, like Kurt and Blaine, who are meant to be together. Christmas is upon us: the city is in turmoil and there is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the Christmas atmosphere in New York, the true center of magic. Kurt and Blaine's life has never been so good: they've been married for five years, they love each other like the first day, and they both have careers that make them feel fulfilled. However, something is about to change and that air of happiness, harmony and love that you breathe is about to be upset. They have faced various tests, they have managed to overcome the obstacles that life has presented them by always remaining united, but this time something seems to have cracked. Will the magic of Christmas be enough to ensure that everything goes back to the way it was before and to make the spark that made them fall in love pop again?


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