82 Test

Prince Xue Xing's face turned ugly while the people around turned pale, they did not expect Xin to say that.

They know the reason but they never tell or even gossip about it, they keep it inside and try to forget it but Xin told him face to face.

"What did you say, kid?!" Prince Xue Xing asks with a terrifying voice, even the teacher can't help but to feel nervous.

"I said you're not qualified, I see you a leech who leech for the good things of other people's hard work, except for names, you're nothing at all."

"I can even imagine that if your position as princes strips, for sure no one will help you when you're in danger…. Not even that Douluo behind you." Xin said while looking at Poison Douluo.

"Bulshit!! You're speaking nonsense, how can Mr, Dugu be that kind of person!" Prince Xue Xing angrily shouted.

Dugu Bo is a Titled Douluo known as the Poison Douluo, and the number one Poison Spirit Master in the world. Among Titled Douluo, his power in group attacks is unmatched, however his one on one combat skills are lacking as a result.

Dugu Bo is slender, and looks like a javelin. His hair and beard are dark green, and his eyes shimmer like emeralds. His whole presence feels illusory, like a phantom. He wears only simple and unadorned gray robes with his hands tucked into his sleeves. He has beryl eyes, green fingernails, eyes as ice cold and vicious as a viper.

Of course, Poison Douluo did not deny it but inside he already chose.

"Really? Then why not test it? Let's test if Poison Douluo will save this whole Academy or you." Xin takes out his bow and 9 white spirit rings appear.

"He~ a Title Douluo with only a 10-year-old SPirit Ring? Are you making me laugh?" Prince Xue Xing was arrogant.

Xin then looked at Poison Douluo and said," I heard that your Granddaughter is a student of this school."


"Then let's play a game, I will shoot 2 arrows and you will choose who you are going to save."

"Kid, even if you shot a hundred of it, I can easily break your attack." Poison Douluo proudly said.

"No need, only two arrow is enough,"

Xin injects his spiritual energy on the bow and then a miracle happens, the 0 white spirit ring suddenly starts to change color.

From White - Yellow - Purple - Black Purple - Black - Dark Black - Black Red - Red and Blood Red.

They see how Xin's spirit ring transforms from 10-Years-old to 100,000-Years-old with their own eyes.

The overwhelming pressure made everyone forced to summon their Spirit Ring, from Flender until to Dugu Bo, each of the mar tenses from the unique pressure coming from the 9 Red Spirit Ring around Xin.

The pressure can't even be concealed by the school building and comeour scarring all students, teachers and pedestrians who are walking in front of the Academy.

Except for Sheng Ming, all of them were nervous looking at Xin.

"Let's start shall we?"

"S-Senior-" Dugu Bo nervously asks but Xin only looks at him oen and he stops talking.

He now has a hateful look at Prince Xue Xing and Princes Xue Beng, because of these two idiots he offended some he should not offend.

"Try to block this, you can block the two attack if you want but try to sense the power first before doing something stupid."

A blinding light start to gather one Xin's finger and two golden-yellow arrow materials on his finger

Dogu Bo, Meng Shenji, Bai Baoshan and Zhi Lin felt the Spirit Energy around start to dry, they feel that they are standing in front of the blazing fire but the heat is different.

Their spirit energy is getting burned, smoke starts to come out from their body, not only them but everyone.

Sheng Ming who is also experiencing the constant burn of spirit energy can't help but to ask," What kind of arrow is that?"

"Nirvana Arrow, made from Nirvana Flame, A pure and intense flame, that is capable of burning everything to the ground"

"Nirvana Flame can purify anything from Energy, Evil and even Holy, this kind of flame is the nemesis of everything and no one ever escapes from this flame except you're stronger than the creator of Nirvana Flame itself."

"Of course, the most fun of this flame is that Nirvana Flame does not just destroy the body, it even destroys the soul."

"Let's start," Xin slowly pulls the bow and points it towards Prince Xue Xing while the other one is towards the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Right now, Dugu Bo feels nervous and afraid, he fully knows the power that the arrow has, the danger is so high that he can't even think of any solution to block it.

"Before i shot this, i will give you a pretty good reminder, don't try to dodge it, this arrow will explode if it travels more than 1 meter away from me,"

"What do you mean?" Prince Xue Xing was nervous.

"Pretty simple, if you dodge and the arrow travels far from me, it will explode and kill everyone within 1 kilometer radius but if you catch it with your body, it will only damage you and only you."

Prince Xue Xing seems to see a way to live, if what he said is true the attack can be dodged and he can live.

"Last warning, take a good look behind you first before you dodge," Xin said.

All of them turn around and are horrified seeing what is behind them.

Behind Prince Xue Xing is the Heaven Dou Empire Empire.

While Dugu Bo feels Dugu Yan' his granddaughter's life presence behind him.

"Let's start the game~"

"Self Made Ability: Nirvana Arrow"

When the arrow releases for the meth bow, they notice that it's slow but not so fast. You can say that you can dodge it easily if you are fast enough.

Seeing the attack, Prince Xue Xing feels death is coming, he knows that this arrow can kill him easily even if he tries to fight back.

Fearing for his life, he grabs Prince Xue Beng and dodges, making the arrow pass them and fly straight to the Royal Palace.

Seeing this Meng Shenji, Bai Baoshan and Zhi Lin the Principal of the school made their move and flew to catch the arrow.

Meanwhile, Dugu Bo is courageous enough to actually dash and hug the attack, he really values his granddaughter more than his own body, a huge contrast to the shellfish princes.

"Hey that's enough," Sheng Ming said.

"Don't worry, those who are brave and righteous will never be forgotten," Xin mysteriously said.

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