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1 Where am I?

'Am I alive? I remember lying in my hospital bed with him holding my hands. Then, darkness followed.'

A blinding light made me open my eyes, it was from a balcony. I covered my eyes with my hands, that's when I noticed how smooth it is, it wasn't my hands, mine were all wrinkled due to old age. I slowly reached for my face, it was smooth; then my hair, all silky and long. I looked across the room and was speechless. It was magnificent and looks like a bedroom of a royalty.

'Where am I? Wait, did I just sit on my own, without any help?!' I tried to stand, walk and jump! I ran to the mirror and suddenly stop. It was me, when I was still young. 'What in the world is happening? Is this a dream or the afterlife?' I pinched my self to wake myself from this dream, and.. *yelp* it hurts. I walked to the balcony and opened its doors; fresh air, acres of land full of trees, mountains and a blue sky.

*Knock knock* "Princess, are you awake? Princess?"

'Did someone said princess? You've got to be kidding me.'

"May I enter your chamber, Princess?"

"No!" I suddenly said, without thinking.

"His Imperial Majesty and Her Imperial Majesty is waiting for you, Princess." The doors opened and girls entered.

"Who are you, people? And where am I?"

The girls looked puzzled and the one in the middle said, "Are you alright, Princess? We are your personal servants. And you are in your chamber."

I think my head is spinning and I don't know what is happening. 'Why do they keep calling me Princess and what about that His Imperial Majesty. Okay, calm down, I have to think.'

"Princess, are you unwell, should I summon the physician?"

"Who am I? What is my name? What is this place?" This should work, it worked in the novels I've read. The girls were shocked, but they called for the physician immediately and helped me lie in the bed. After some time, a man and a woman wearing extravagant clothings with an elderly who looks like some kind of a doctor, while the servants was dismissed. The woman walked a little closer to me and asked, "Do you.. know who I am?" I just shake my head and said that I am sorry.

After the physician examined me, he told them that I am healthy and he doesn't know why I don't remember anything. The physician left and only the three of us remains. Might I say both of them are beyond beautiful, they're perfect for each other. I might be looking at them with starry eyes right now.

The woman was the first to talk, she kindly asked, "May I sit on your bed?"

I nodded and asked, "Can you tell me my name?" She smiled at me, "You are Princess Laurana Clementine Alexandrovanov, our only child. I'm Empress Valentiniana, your mother, and this is your father, Emperor Maximus."

The man, I mean my father smiled and said, "Let us talk more over breakfast, get ready and go to the dining hall, Laurana." "Yes.. f--father."

I never imagined myself wearing this fancy outfit for breakfast. Looking at my reflection, I came to a conclusion that I may have the same face but a different name. I may be in an another world or.. I don't know, but one thing's for sure, this isn't Earth. Enough thinking, I'm famished.

The servants helped me find my way to the dining hall; my mother sat on the right side of my father, and I on his left side. The meals were sumptuous and appetizing. This was one of my dreams, to have a complete and happy family. I didn't realize that while thinking this, I was looking at them, until my father asked, "What is it? Do you want to know something?"

"Uhm.. yes. Where is this place?"

"This country was founded by our ancestors, thus, named Alexandrovanov."

We talked so much, that I feel more comfortable around them. They're not strangers for me, somehow, I feel at home.


Days passed by and I adjusted quickly. I accepted the fact that this is my new life and my new family; and I actually like it. How I dream of having this perfect relationship with my parents on Earth.

Then, months passed by as I took etiquette lessons and everything a princess should know. My parents and I got closer than ever, but I just don't understand why they rushed me to finish those lessons. I just found out the reason when my father summoned me to his study.

"Laurana, you're our only child. Soon, you'll be the empress of this country. From tomorrow onwards, princes from prestigious families will court you and try to win your heart. They'll be staying in the guest wing during their stay here."

My mother walked me to my chamber and talked to me, "We're not rushing you to marry. And it's all up to you who you'll want to be with. Remember, some of the princes may only be interested in being the emperor and not your husband. You need to be careful, my child."

I smiled, "Thank you, mother. You don't need to worry, I don't need such a guy like that. They're the ones who should be careful." That made her laughed, and so did I. She tucked me in my bed and stroked my hair. Then, I fell asleep thinking what tomorrow may bring.


The next day. I woke up early and walked to the balcony. I'll never get tired of seeing this beautiful scenery. But, the palace seems busy preparing for the guests' arrival.

It'll be my first time seeing a prince in person, I wonder what they'll be like. From afar, I can hear horses galloping, that may be the guests. A knocking stop my thoughts.

"Princess, are you awake? May we enter?"

I walked inside, "Come in."

"Good morning to all of you!"

Responding at the same time while bowing, "Good morning, Princess."

All the people in the palace thought the same thing that after I lost my memories, my personality didn't changed. They said, I was still the same bubbly and jolly kid I was, but I became more mature. For that reason, I asked myself, if I do have a place in this world. If it's possible that this really is my life and no one else's.

As usual, they helped me bathe and clothe. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Today, I'm wearing this royal blue long gown that looks similar to princess belle's yellow gown without the ruffles, more simple but still regal. This got me thinking, 'Will I encounter a beast-like personality?'

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