430 Today & For All Eternity

Two months later…

It was a cloudy day with a hint of a drizzle— a not so ideal weather for a wedding. It was also an embarrassment for those who had chosen this day for the ceremony since they had predicted that the sun would be smiling that summer day. Still, it was not really anyone's fault that the sunny weather had suddenly turned into gray. If there was anyone to blame, it would be the bride. 

Yes, the bride. 

"Ali, I really hope you'd stop crying. Not only your mug looks ugly, you're making it rain too," Ivan said blandly as he watched Yayoi, Chiaki, Midori, Rin, Miharu, and Emi along with the other servants to prepare Alinea's pure white kimono and hood nearby.

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"What ugly mug are you talking about? Your mug is ugly! Why are you speaking like Aki now?"Alinea countered in between sniffles. 

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