1 Chapter 1: The Siren

As my slow descent to sector 124B neared its end I noticed the heavy breathing of what seemed inhuman but turned out to be the three others I was sent down with, their heavy breathing mimicked their speechless fear. I could tell they were new to this, not many prisoners are sent down more than two times Either due to a mental illness or death, Mental illness typically ends in death anyways. We finally reached the bottom and by the frantic movements of my team I could tell any explanation I could give would not be kept.

Alas I calmed them to my best ability and proceeded to explain what needed to be done and that I was the one to be followed, Which they took surprisingly well. I finished the briefing and proceeded to ask for names. The 3 others are now Andy the tech, Kate the Kate, Chris the Biologist, and me Cpt Price. I order my new found team to gather what ammo and med kits they could find.

Sector 124B is the only "safe zone" recorded by any living human today. Sector 125B Is the sector connected to the "safe zone" Which is where we are headed next. As Andy hacks the control panel to the door I hear a clicking which isn't the worst thing to happen but my team is new so it's up there. The clicking is one of the many creatures in this facility, Called a sleeper. Now the sleepers are small and easy to kill when you hit them in the head with a fully charged sledge hammer, Otherwise you've alerted every sleeper in the room.

Once the door opens I tell Chris and Andy to follow short behind me, there are three sleepers in here so we can easily take them on. I send Chris to the one in the far left corner, As I situate myself in front of my sleeper Andy heads straight for the third one. I count down from three to one and bam all three clickers left dead on the floor with none of my team hit, Which is more than I can say for the last team.

I gather what resources I can then order Chris to take samples from the sleepers. I got a bio scanner in this sector which detects enemies within a certain distance. The goal of this mission is to get a fog repeller and in order to find it I need to find a terminal to pin what sector it's in. I gathered my team to make a decision, there are two doors to enter one being sector 126B and the other being 124A and to my surprise Andy was able to scan the room for a terminal by hacking the sector door panel.

The terminal is in sector 124A, Ok great we know where the terminal is and now we're one step closer to finding the fog repeller. But the bio scanner is picking up movement in that sector, Which is one of two things a siren or a walking giant neither would be preferred. The siren opens its head letting out tentacles going 16 feet in every direction, If you get touched by one the siren goes off and any creature within two sectors of distance is alerted.

I give a quick description of the creatures to my team then send Andy to open the door. As Andy is hacking the doors control panel I realize we are missing one teammate. Either they deserted or killed themselves, Turns out neither were the answer and she was just drawing a line from sector 124B all the way to sector 124A. She said it was so we didn't get lost but considering we have a Hud that shows us where to go I think she just wanted to draw a line.

Now that the whole team is here and the door is ready to open I near the door to scan the room again, But as soon as I do so the bio scanner dies. So instead I give a quick flash of my light. In doing so I nearly alerted the siren but that was the least of my concern considering Kate wasn't paying attention when I said specifically not to go near the siren. But on she went drawing her line to the next room, Lucky us she only stepped on its foot which only almost alerted it.

I sent Andy and Chris to the far back of the room so they could back me up if I alert the siren. I pulled the C-Foam that we picked up in sector 124B out of my pack and threw it at the siren, Bam I landed the shot and the siren is frozen in place. I quietly rush to the siren and bash its head in with my sledge hammer. Relieved in my success I make my way towards Andy and Chris to ping the fog repeller with the terminal. I ping the fog repeller but due to the distance between us and the repeller I was only given a general location of It.

I send Chris to take a sample of the siren, The more samples we take out of this place the less we have to return to it. As I sit to regather myself Andy starts telling me about his family. He has a daughter who turns 15 this March and a Son who turns 2 in April, He paused for a second before telling me his wife died in car accident on her way to work. I give him reassurance and make a promise to get him back to his family in one piece, I now regret making this promise.

Kate didn't fail to surprise the team when she started screaming at a wall, apparently it looked at her funny. Me and Andy think she's delusional, but that goes without saying. I mean normal people don't scream at walls and draw lines on the floor. I'm afraid she will get us into trouble with how oblivious she is to her surroundings.

I've recollected myself and made my way to the door for sector 125A, As Andy hacks the doors control panel I replace the battery to the bio scanner with the one I found in this sector. I scan the room for any potential threats and 7 sleepers pop up on the Hud. The door slowly opens to the seemingly empty nothingness, But the darkness suddenly gets pierced by LIGHT KATE YOUR FLASHLIGHT!!!