India is a one of the greenery country in the world. In India their is a state named as telangana. In this state people follow their culture in a ancient way. people of telangana state is so good in behavior and they show humanity on others. In this cultural state their are two best friends Dr.deepak and prof.praneeth. These two best friends are from a poor families. When they are 15 years their dream is to travel into space to find out where the aliens live. They studied at government school and college. They studied day and night to get 1st rank in their state. prof.praneeth ranked top 1 and Dr.deepak ranked top 2 positions in telangana state. After completing their studies a job opportunity camed from INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION ( ISRO ).These two friends becamed a scientists in ISRO.

Dr.deepak is a very talented in design different types of rockets and prof.praneeth is so talented in making the rockets in a same plan which is designed by Dr.deepak. These two scientists invented a new model of rocket and it is introduced in front of ISRO chairman. Chairman appreciate these scientists for inventing a new model of rocket. One day these scientists requested the ISRO chairman for they want to travel into space to find out where the aliens live but , the chairman is not accepted their request. These scientists after their job time they went to a garden and sadly sat on a bench. They are deeply thinking about there dream. suddenly they heard a huge noise coming from forest 'which is 500m far from park. scientists quickly went into the forest to see what happens their and they saw a huge UFO ( Unidentified flying object). These two scientists are hidden behind a tree and carefully watching that UFO. slowly they observed a object that is coming from UFO. That is nothing but, it is a alien and it wearers a oxygen suit. scientists were shocked and now observing that alien. Alien is collecting seeds from trees and after collecting seeds alien went back into space with UFO.

They are silent for a few minutes and they confused that "why the alien collected seeds from trees". They didn't understand "what the reason to collect the seeds from trees". These scientists coming to this forest daily to found any clue of alien but, they find nothing in the forest "where UFO landed". After a few days the UFO camed again to the forest. Scientists darely stands in front of UFO. This time the alien does not wear oxygen suit and came out from UFO. These two scientists observing the alien from near. Then they asked to the alien

" why you are collecting seeds and taking into space".The alien replied "In our planet oxygen percentage is decreasing day by day because of some dangerous gases. That's why iam collecting these seeds to plant trees in our planet to save our planet from dangerous gases. when i was first time came to earth. I decided to live in this planet but, my planet is in danger so, I can't live in this planet. first time in this planet i collected some lakhs of seeds and planted trees in my planet. when i planted trees day by day oxygen percentage is increasing so, I decided to plant some more trees in my planet. Before i plant trees all aliens in my planet wears oxygen suits but, now we are free from wearing oxygen suits.

"why you two people are sat down sadly in park when i was first time coming to the earth.

They replied to the alien "our goal is to find out where you all aliens live". This is our dream but, our ISRO not accepted our request to find aliens. That's why we sat down sadly in the park. Then the alien said "you don't worry now you are my friends. I will travel you on my planet and i will succeed your dream". It's my promise. These two best friends are so happy and they wondering to go their. As alien said they travelled in a UFO to see the alien's planet. They enjoyed the tour of alien's planet.

The alien again camed to earth to leave these two scientist friends and the alien backed into the space with UFO. These two best friends happily reached their dream and went back to their homes.