Alexithymia: The Curse of TranscendenceAlexithymia: The Curse of Transcendence

Alexithymia: The Curse of Transcendence

by evolx24

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In the year 2193, two generations passed since the European Union collapsed after the events of WW3. Quarta (Nion), a citizen of the lands of Aleksithimia, is one of few people who was allowed to keep her emotions from being taken away by the new regime of her country. Assigned as a member of a special mission unit called "The Keepers" which regrouped multiple individuals with the phenomenal physical and mental aptitudes, so they could provide the authority and inside security. In order to adapt to the environment, she had to utterly kill and remove all emotions and become mindless law enforcer machines eliminating anyone who dared to oppose the system. Haunted by the deaths of the ones she's slain, time passes on. After years of living and serving for the Utopian City that has been constructed by the emperor Aleksithimia, one of four rulers of the New World; Suffocating as an emotionless persona, fraught with distress that she became a tool rather than a human being. Alone in the perfectly unperfect universe, she has begun her long journey to discover the truth about the world she is living in, and most importantly, her true self that has been erased a long time ago...

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