17 I'm the King Here

I look over at Nott. He didn't even talk to me at the feast so it has me curious as to why he is hanging around me now "Why are you over here. We never even spoke"

Nott shrugs "I can feel that being on your good side is much better than being on your bad side" Daphne and Blaise both nod to that statement.

"I think your familiar is really cool plus if it is as dangerous as you said it can get then it is better to not be on the bed end" Said Tracy

"This is probably the wisest choice you will make in your seven years here." Oddly enough each of them seem to agree with that though they do not know why. We come up to the dungeons and apparently the prefects decided PURITY would be a great password. Geez the prejudice is so thick. Once the passage closed behind us my aura changed and I cracked my neck "Oui bucky. Yes you the one with the disgusting teeth"

The one who shoved me earlier looks back "What did you call me ya little bastard?"

"Oh sorry what I meant to say was hey inbreed moron with an overbite that can crush a cauldron."

"Why you little bastard. When I am done with you I am going to find your pathetic squib mother and **** her in front of ya"

I grin madly and then I point my palm towards the male and then i slowly clench my fingers. The male began to struggle against invisible pressure "What the fuck is goin on" I lift my hand quickly and he smashes into the ceiling then I drop my hand and he plummets back to the floor. I calmly walk up to him, the other slytherins back away. Some seeing it as the show of power it was.

"You know Bucky. I think you can help me with a spell I been working on." I grab him by his collar and he struggles to get free by reaching for his wand but I stomp on his wrist causing him to drop it. I push his body against the window that gives us a view into Black Lake. Withdrawing my wand I make a small circle then a line going straight down and finally a horizontal slash "Emphemera" The boys figure wavers a little and he sinks through the glass entering the cold water along with my hand still clenching his collar.

"Do you like my spell bucky. I call it the Intangible Charm. Allows one to walk through solid objects. Now bucky. Can you even hear me" He nods hurridly "Do you like my spell. I worked very hard on it. Oh whats that" I look behind the boy and I see three figures coming close. They appear to be merfolk "Oh my real life merfolk. Hm you know bucky. I wonder if I were to release your collar right now would my spell end?" the male looks panicked and struggles to try and move back towards the glass

"Alex!" I hear someone yell from behind me. Looking back I see Uncle Snape "Bring him back inside. We don't want the merfolk getting indigestion" I chuckle and I bring the boy back inside and I cancel my spell. The spell only lets one go through solid objects so the boy is completely soaked as is half of my arm.

I look over the rest of slythein house. Malfoy is hiding behind his two trolls "Let me make this clear to all of you thinking you can mess with me. I'M THE KING HERE! I can wandlessly use the levitation charm in ways you can not imagine just like when I threw Bucky here into the ceiling. I can also kick your ass without even using my wand or magic. Now I do not care about your background or who you know or who your parents are. If you mess with me or piss me off I have no issues, not one, in making you disappear and it would be easy after all" I gesture to the window behind me which now has three merfolk floating at it "I can toss you straight into black lake at anytime."

"Professor Snape has told me the rules of Slytherin before so let me bring them up to you now. One The house is your family. Slytherins stick together because the rest of the houses will not be on our side. Two whatever happens in slytherin stays in slytherin. Outside of slytherin we are to be united. Three if you are going to do something bad make sure not to be caught, have an alibi, or find someone else to take the blame."

I look over at them again "Understood?" The first years nod "Good now here are my rules. First off do not piss me off, do not touch my friends no matter what house they are in, and do not touch Harry Potter! Harry is my brother. If you mess with him I will make sure you never leave Hogwarts grounds. Secondly I will need some of you to act like you don't like me outside of the house"

"Why would you want that" Asked Daphne

"Simple I want people outside Slytherin to think I do not belong here. I want them to see a slytherin who acts kind and friendly and is shunned by some of his fellow housemates because of it. Two reasons for this is one I want to keep up appearances and two it would be the ultimate prank to fool the entire school"

Daphne shakes her head in exasperation "Third my word is law here. In Slytherin I am the king. If you want to challenge me go ahead and try. I will just beat you down til you know your place" Some seem to want to try that immediately but Snape stops them

"Mr. Prince will you come with me" I shrug and I walk with my Uncle to his office. "Alex what are you doing?" He sighs

"I am making a statement. This way they will leave Harry alone. I know some of them are children of the Death Munchers. Doing it this way they will think twice before doing anything to Harry."

"Alex you do know you sounded like a Dark Lord in there"

I shrug "Trust me Uncle Sev. If I wanted to rule magical britain I wouldn't need to pull all those stunts to do it. Not that I want to anyway. I would think you would know my only goals are to protact my pack - er family and friends, really you don't have to tense whenever i say pack. The second goal in my lfe is to enjoy myself to the fullest. Ruling over the wizarding world would cut in deeply into the second option. Though" I walk up to Snapes desk "If ruling Magical Britain is what it takes to protect my family I wouldn't hesitate to over throw it." Snape is looking me right in the eyes and I know he is using legilmency on me. "Remember though Uncle, that you and Great Aunt Irma are my family too and I would never do anything that harms family."

Snape nods "The headmaster thinks the Dark Lord will come back. What will you do if he does?"

"Hmph he is a two bit wannabe. He is so pathetic he tried to kill a baby in it's crib. Ruling through fear and terror was going to fail even if he won, it's been proven in history dictatorships like that fall quite fast, not to mention he gravely underestimated muggles. If muggles felt threatened by magical Britain they would launch a nuke" Snape raised a brow "A nuke is a bomb that could wipe out an entire city in one go. If they sent one of those down everyone would be dead. Even the wards wouldn't be able to handle that much destructive power."

Snapes mouth was agape. To think muggles had that much power "Anyway you saw into my mind just know. You should know I have no plans to be the next dark lord. As long as nothing threatens my family I am only a sleeping dragon but once my reverse scale is touched" the threat lingered in the air.

"I'll trust you Alex." I nod then I head out. I find Daphne, Tracy, Blase and Theodore waiting for me

"Did you get in trouble?" Asked Tracy a little concerned

"Not really. Just got a talk about not becoming the next Dork Lord" The others chuckle and I have to ask "Aren't you four scared of me?"

"Not really. My mothers a black widow who has been through five husbands so far so this isn't too shocking for me" Said Blaise

"My family once joined the last Dark Lord under imperious" Theo used quotations when he said imperious. "You seem very protective of those you care about from your speech so I would like to be your friend. Plus if they think you are some up and coming dark lord my dad can get off my back."

"Mine and Tracey's family are neutral families. We survived the years by making alliances and you seem like someone who would honor an alliance unlike He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who on more than one occasion destroyed those he was allied to after they ended their usefulness to him" said daphne

"I think you are cute and Envy is super cool! So I think I will stick with you for a while" Said tracey. I chuckle at her reply as do the others.

"Would you really throw them into Black Lake though?" Asked Blaise

"Nope that is too obvious. If I wanted to get rid of someone they would never be able to connect it to me"

Blaise pats my shoulder and then another slytherin walks up "Oui Prince. You said you can take us down without magic well then I want to see you do so. I, Adrian Pucey, challenge you" I smirk. Some people don't learn.

I step out into the center of the common room and then I hand Tracey my wand "Hold this for me" She squeals like some fan girl. "Alright then"

"Fliipendo!" Pucey throws I spell and I kick off to the side dodging as I get behind one of the chairs. I kick the chair forward then move over to a nearby table wear a quill was. Grabbing the quill I roll to the side dodging another hex then I throw it much like a dart. The tip of the quill pierces into Puceys wand hand causing him to drop said wand. Rushing forward I grab him by the collar and slam him straight into the stone. I place my knee right on his chest and press down "Surrender?" He hastily nods like a chick pecking at grains.

I get up and began to walk back over to my group of four when I head "DIFFINDO" from behind. My hands gather a yellow glow as I turn around. I quite literally smacked the spell away causing it to fly into the wall. "Attacking from behind after surrendering to your opponent." I crack my knuckles *Insert one gratuitous opening of whoop ass here* "Ah that's better. Oui one of you take this guy to snape. He is going to need some Skele-Grow" Some other third years nod hastily as they quickly take Pucey to snap. I use a scourgify on my body to get the flakes of blood off.

I look over at my new found compatriots, as I can't consider them friends just yet, and I smile "Well I am tired so I think I am going to bed so see ya tomorrow" With that I walk off finding a room with my name on it. I am so thankful Slytherins get single rooms. I would hate to have to share my room with idiots.

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