36 AN Should I Remake This

Ok so I have heard for awhile about when am I going to finish my two stories Alexander Prince: The Half Blood Potter and Separated Sands: Reincarnated in Naruto. Now the reason I did stop those and all my others is a combination of writers block and loss of internet. By the time all that was done I lost interest.

But now I am thinking IF I do continue these two works I will be re writing them because I think I can do better. I feel my writing wasn't that great and I made the two MC's too Gary Sue with OP abilities. Though I will try to keep a lot the same I will be changing some of it IF I do remake it.

Either way I would like to hear from you, the fans of my works, about your opinion on my rewrite to continue these two stories. Right now I am still debating it and unsure so I am asking you all should I do it? Would you like me to continue these and hopefully finish them this time? Leave your answers in the comments or paragraph comments.

Thank you for your time reading this and for following my works so long even though I haven't updated <3