Alexa: The Vampire Princess Is Now Awake! Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

Alexa: The Vampire Princess Is Now Awake!


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Alexa, or known as Alexandria, is a Vampire Princess who lives for thousands of years ago. Due to some tragedy happening to her special someone, she went rampage and was put to sleep until five hundred years later. Nicholas, a tourist who lost during his trip with his family in French encounter with an accident where he unknowingly awakens the Vampire Princess, who is in her long slumber before his memory was wiped by the creature. Their meeting is not just a coincidence, and fate has arranged for them to meet again. While learning the new modern world, the vampire princess and 'Mr. bad boy' falls in love without knowing her real identity. How will their relationship grow when he finally knows the truth about her? A creature who can’t die and killing people is not a problem for her. Will their love story have a happy ending? P/s: The cover image is not mine, credit to the illustrator who create it.