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Alchemic Revolution


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What if you were given the power of hope? To transcend over the oppressions of your enemies? To liberate the world from the chains of destruction? And what if you were in my position? Would you do it? ***** This was the question Nefari had asked herself from the moment she was granted the title of Hero. But she had never received an answer until death. And even so, it was useless. It was all in the past, now. And what she needed at this point was a revival. And quite fortunately for her, she stumbled upon history and was given a chance to change her history. But things don't always go as planned, does it? ***** A/N; Forgive my crappy book cover. Had to make do with what I have. And my confusing story description. Just read it and see~ I won't disappoint you! depending on your taste concerning stories.


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