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Yakuza or the Gokudo are organized crime units all over Japan reminiscent of the mafia. Having a strict hierarchy, members defer to the Oyabun (or the Kumicho). Hirayama Yukiko is the daughter of Hirayama Togai and (formerly Hirayama) Yasumi Miyuko. Miyuko, her mother, is a high-end police chief, known in her region as "Rabid Dog". Hirayama Togai, her father, is the Kumicho of the Kawamura-kai, a large Yakuza syndicate located in Osaka. Born to such parents, it was no wonder Yukiko had trouble acclimating to a katagi[1] lifestyle. Unfortunately, her father had other plans, dragging her into the Yakuza world. What will Yukiko decide? Will she return to being a katagi, or will she become a part of the Ninkyou Dantai[2]? ............ [1] Katagi, in this usage, means "sturdy spirit", thus a regular person that lives an upright, honest life. [2] What the Yakuza call themselves. It has the meaning of a "chivalrous organization". Akuma No Daibensha means 'Devil's Advocate' ............. I'll try my best to update regularly, but don't expect daily updates. Comments make me happy... so I'll try harder.

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I guess that I should continue with my tradition of rating my novels 5 stars. Lol. Anywho... This novel is based on the Yakuza, so there's going to be some strong language, fight scenes, death, weird creepy sh*t, and s*x. Both MCs are messed up in the head, so don't expect them to be regular people. Yeah. This is 1v1. Happy ending? Maybe, I haven't decided yet. But I'm sure you'll love Yukiko. She's completely bad*ss. Oh. Please give the story love. It motivates me to write with every comment, review, and gift of powerstone. Kay. See y'all in the story. If not, whatever. Have a wonderful life.


I love the story A LOT. I am a real sucker for yakuza romance stories. Anything with a yakuza in it. Boom! I''m there! Its just that this story seems so closely familiar to a manga I've read before--which, unfortunately, I've forgotten the title.


Fácil lectura, además de muy interesante para el que busque.protagonistas interesantes y peculiares, espero con ansias las publicaciones siguientes.


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