1 Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction

Akishito Akato. That's what everyone calls me now. Of course, this is not my real name, but something like a alias.

Now I am twenty years old, I have moved from Russia.

In high school, the people who lived in my environment simply stopped paying attention to me, in every possible way avoided talking to me, they did not even let me say a word.

I came to Japan a year ago, but I had to not go to school to adapt. After all, how I, having a poor command of Japanese, could enter a Japanese educational institution, where there is a lesson in the state language.

During the time that passed here, almost nothing has happened in my life.

I just sat at home, moonlighting, reading books, watching anime and eating fast food, because I myself have not cooked well.

In general, the most ordinary life of a person who has recently moved to another country.

Well, my first day at Japanese school has arrived.

It was a beautiful spring day: sakura leaves were falling all around, and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Basically, I already watched the cherry blossoms bloom when I moved last year.

The school was surrounded by a fence about the height of me, near this fence was the very sakura from which these leaves fell ...

I came to school and began to consider the distribution of classes

After looking at the board a little, I somehow made out my name in the list of classes and that class was 2-B.

Oddly enough - this is already 12 times when I get into the class under this letter.

When I lived in Russia, our class was divided many times, but I still stayed with this letter.

The introductory ceremony began, they showed us who would be our homeroom teacher, they told us some of the moments that we will have to face this year, such as: exams, tests and choice of profession or university at the end of the school year.

After the opening ceremony, the classroom hours began.

I went to the office, which was located at the very end of the school corridor on the first floor.

All classes were crowded, because of this it was difficult to get to his office. Well, I was still able to get there and my "performance" began

"This is a new student of our school, Akishito Akato, he came from Russia," the teacher said, pointing at me and staring at the whole class.

I was asked to sit at an empty desk and I chose a seat in the middle row.

On this first day, many people from the class did not come, so there were a lot of places


- Hey, are you also Russian? - I heard a man's voice from behind.

Turning around, I saw that there was a guy sitting behind me that looked like the same from Russia

I was surprised at this coincidence, because I did not expect that in my class there will be

a person who speaks Russian.

- Yes, so you too, as I can see? - I replied after I turned around

- To be honest, I am the founder of the communication club, my name is Katayashi Uyato, I

seventeen years old, studying in Japan almost since childhood

- Very nice to meet you, my name is Akishito Akato, although why am I saying this,

since I have already been introduced

Katayashi smiled.

His hair was brown and his eyes were brown. His very hair was short, like

front and back.

- Listen, come on, you will join my club, there are few of those who are from Russians, even

I can tell they are all there, only 4 people

A little surprised that there are still a few Russians at the school, but did not know yet

other clubs, I thought, answered:

- I would like to see other clubs first before deciding

Katayashi looked at me thoughtfully and replied:

- Good. Then drop by tomorrow and our club, because tomorrow the choice of clubs begins.

I, as my head, invite you tomorrow.

- Fine, then wait for me. I'll drop by your place tomorrow.

At this point, our dialogue was over, because the bell rang, which was unusual for


The next day I went to the clubs, first I went to the game club, then to

sports, then literary - in general, I went, about five or six


In the gaming club, everyone was lying on the floor and sleeping. Game consoles lay next to them,

as well as telephones.

In the literary club, everyone read and as soon as I entered there, they showed me with a gesture

"Shhhh," then I left them immediately.

The last one I dropped in was the communication club at the invitation of Katayashi.

The moment I entered, Katayashi bullied some guy, or to be more precise,

as if playing with him, and after I entered, they parted and the boy retired to

corner of the room.

"Oh-oh-oh, who I see is Akato," said Katayashi in Russian, from which I had already lost some of the habit during my stay in Japan.

I, in turn, also decided to keep the conversation going in Russian:

"Hi Katayashi, tell me finally what kind of club you have?" I asked this question for a reason. I didn't understand what these clubs were for.

It was not Katayashi who answered me, but another guy who was sitting in this club room. His hair was black and gray and his eyes were green. He wore black-rimmed glasses on his nose.

- Our club is designed for simple communication and we try to teach this to people who do not really like or do not know how to communicate.

And also I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Miguru Nitaro, and you, as I understand it, Akishito Akato from class 2-B?

- Yes, only yesterday I entered this school, although I have been living in Japan for a year already, I just had to adapt.

- So, stop, Akishito actually asked me, - Katayashi suddenly objected, because, probably, he himself wanted to answer me this question.

- Okay, forgive Katayashi, I just wanted to talk to him too.

- Miguru, and what class are you from? - I asked in order to somehow dilute the conversation, because, oddly enough, he was going to the bottom

"I'm from 2-C," Miguru replied quickly, as if he was about to finish talking about school.

At this, the conversation died out for a while, but after about ten seconds, Katayashi continued it.

- Today in our club there are no two participants, because of this we do not succeed

very active communication, you know? A?

- Is it due to the fact that now is the first day of the clubs or something happened to these two? - I asked having connected to the conversation

- Now I'll call them to clarify why they are absent, I'm the head, no matter how, - said Katayashi and walked away to call

I, in turn, continued communication with Migaru:

- And who are these two who did not come?

- These are Fukishito Nitsuri and Mika Otsuko, the most active of our club, helping everyone, but they are very self-confident. For example, last year a girl came to our club with communication problems, and Fukishito was confident in the action of her hypnosis and made that girl so sociable, so she went and expressed a lot of unpleasant things to her classmates. And Mika in high school promised to make costumes for the whole class for the festival, although there was very little time left before the festival and naturally she did not have time and her class suffered because of her self-confidence.

"I see," I said, not knowing what to say.

At this moment, Katayashi entered

- What did you talk about? - he asked, having heard our finished dialogue.

- That told Akishita about Fukishito and Mika, by the way, where are they? - asked Migaru.

- They are busy today, but after asking each of them what exactly, they both gave answers to

similarity "This is a secret", it means they decided to hide something from us.

- Eh, it's a pity, of course, but oh well. Let's go to a cafe then, while the work of the club is closed? - said Miguru

I answered:

- In principle, I do not mind, since I have not eaten anything except instant food and pasta this year.

I said this on the pretext that we would definitely go, because I felt that something important was about to happen.

- How do you still live ?! How many monotonous foods can you eat? Come on, let's go to a cafe, I'll introduce you to Japanese dishes, otherwise eat alone

fast food and pasta is somehow completely wrong.

My plan worked, Miguru was worried about my health and decided to help with his advice in the cafe.

- I completely agree, for today we are closing the club and going to a cafe! - said Katayashi

After he said this, we immediately went to the cafes located in the mall, not knowing what kind of trouble this portends ...

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