36 Akagi is back

"Is this the reason why you seem so comfortable supporting two servants at once?" It was as she was asking for confirmation.

"I suppose. Though I did tell you that I'm a third-rate at best."

"Manipulating space and gravity is not a third-rate… even in my time, a feat like that can be performed by those with divinity in their blood or had earned their age. Having a core surpasses even that."

"Oh well, you can call me a novice then, aspiring magus?" Akagi mused, then he shook his head, "Is this important?"

"I have my own pride, master. We're not an automaton that blindly follows your order… as of now, I admit you're lacking, although in terms of potential is another matter entirely."

The boy smiled a bit, giving her a glint of his teeth, "Let's cut the chase. You didn't have a single iota of loyalty, only your desire for the grail, whatever that is. I can see where this is going, you teach me, I'll help you."

"That's fair. I'll earn your gratitude in time." The Caster stated.

It was akin to a game of tug. Neither side knows that it may result differently than they'd thought. Akagi and Medea were the cut from the same kind of cloth. Kind, unwavering, but unwilling to expose their weakness in fear of exploitation.

Medea due to her legend. Akagi due to his upbringing.

The boy nodded in agreement, unwilling to argue further.

Medea then continued, "Lesson during the day. Then the rest I'll leave it to your discretion."

Establishing some sort of ground rule is as good as any to start a partnership.

For Akagi, this was a big win. He'd established a working relationship and cooperation with what practically he thought of his employee, albeit one that kind incinerated their boss as they please. Semantic.

He only needed to talk with the other one. Abigail was with Negev this time.

"Listen, listen, Master. Apparently, Kuzuki-san is a teacher in this city." Abigail informed him.

The young master was just about to enter the temple living quarter when Abigail tackled happily into him. Negev sat behind the coffee table along the aforementioned teacher. He was brainwashed by Medea like the rest of the temple inhabitants.

They were posing as a group of culture exchange group, with Akagi as the liaison. All the necessary paperwork and hush money had been swiftly done by his company back in Tokyo.

"What do you think of it?" He smiled. His mood was elevated after his fruitful talk with Caster.

The girl frowned a bit before going back to her usual expression, "The only school back then was a church, Abbey is curious how school in this time works. Do you think Abbey will make a lot of friends if she goes to one?"

"That's your question?"

"Is it that bad?" She asked fearfully.

Akagi laughed, "No, it's never wrong to pursue education and even more, companionship. If it's Abbey, then I'm sure she can make a lot of friends."

"Even, Master?" She asked again.

Akagi sighed deeply. He needed to gather his thought and not to have petty small annoyance over the botched ritual. It was not her fault.

If anything, it should be directed to that Lancer.

He doesn't even know what he was mad about.

"Do you think of me as one?"

She paused a bit, eyes searching in approval, and Akagi let a small smile, "Yes, Master is Abbey friend."

"I'm glad. I apologize at that time for getting mad at you, Abbey."

"What are you apologizing for? Master didn't do anything wrong!"

"Hahaha, see Abbey, this is why you will make a lot of friends. Trust me. At least wait until this war is over, then maybe we can see you enrolled in a school? I have a few friends that might be taking a like to you."

Chika would absolutely adore her. Nao would probably adopt her on the spot. If he thinks of it, Abigail is a bundle of cinnamon roll. Akagi can't wait for her to melt, that absolute defense of his esteemed elder sister.

"I trust, Master. It's a promise, alright?"

… "Promise." He brought his pinky and interlocked it with the younger girl.

Was it the effect of not keeping that secret? Akagi feel like a great burden has been lifted off his shoulder. He felt that he can think with clearer clarity this time.

He sees past Abigail where Negev had been perched with her teas and book but found her none there including the said teacher. She'd moved out of consideration and not to mention the suspicion of some information leaked out to the intuitive teacher.

Akagi told the little servant to play somewhere else or not to bother him for a while. It seems their reconciliation had left her eager to please him.

There's a message from Negev over the investigation of the temple inhabitants, it was coming a bit later than he'd liked.

One particular and special note was forwarded through his vision.

{His price is quite high. It seems this ordinary teacher is not quite as he looked from the outside. Extremely capable and widely infamous for completing mundane assassination contracts until he disappeared, leaving no trace two years ago. I doubt I can even best him unprepared if the need ever to rise.

Neither material possession nor vanity can sway him to our side if you wanted to recruit him normally. Lack of magical aptitude indicated that it may be possible if using esoteric means. Brainwave activity also show significant desire to procreate. Inherent weakness. Surprising.}

Along the note, Negev forwarded files of numerous clandestine operation the former Assassin had performed, his general attribute, and the kind of power he employed.

Negev could scan someone's brain pattern? Akagi gulped and realized he had nothing to hide from this Jewish robot. He took in the comfort that she's loyal to him and would never divulge his information that easily.

Oh, well, he still has the instruction manual along with a control pad for the Doll should the need ever to rise.

He might need Caster suggestion if he wanted to recruit the man the magical way. As magical as it was to brainwash someone and alter their memories since the man is already one.

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