34 Akagi Doesn't Want to Sulk

What is the nature of a heroic spirit? They're long dead heroes, villains, and monsters. Whose names are etched or twisted and forgotten in the annals of time.

Someone who storms the weather of hardship and tragedy. Obviously, the girl in front of me, whose height and temperament are similar to a person of my age.

What did she do to deserve and sit amongst the heroes I adored? Of course, I was expectant of someone I summoned, someone like that lancer, brash and bold, but also brave. Wielding a great feat and weapon befitting of his legend.

Not… not this bundle of sunshine and innocence.

This is my unbecoming. My fate is carved on a tablet. I can only hold my mouth and turn away; I don't know what to say. I can tolerate staining my hand with someone's blood, but obviously not sending a little girl into hardship.

Belfast, Ai, and also Negev. The numbers keep counting. I hope it won't extend to Fujiwara and Kaguya. Nao doesn't count.

"N-nice to meet you, master." The girl said, fumbling between her little fingers, "I'm Abigail Williams, I hope we can be good friends, master. You can call me Abby instead."

Negev simply watched everything in sideline as she always does. At least the tea is good, I hope she won't mind competing her skill with Belfast.

"The feeling is mutual Abby-chan. I'm Akagi Shinomiya, just Akagi is fine."


Well I can't show my disappointment can't I. The witch of Salem, I only know the hearsay. Who wouldn't? No one barely knows her story except maybe some occultist and history enthusiast.

I asked her which class she falls in.

"C-Class? I'm not sure how to tell you that Master…"


"Abby is a bad girl… I don't know if master would like it when he knows."

"I won't, now just tell me."

"No, master will hate it."

Her eyes fogged. Negev sensed a sharp decrease in temperature, promptly shook her head up, and prepared to manifest her weapon. I simply raised my hand.

"Alright, if you insist. We can leave this matter for now. Though I just hope you will lend me your power when the time required you to."

My voice clearly snapped her attention. God above, I don't want to know what she was thinking. If by her history goes, my guess of her class is between caster or assassin. Though that does raise the question of why she refused to divulge it? Maybe it's to keep secrecy and advantage of her opponent, however seeing her reddened face, I can't help but shake my head in doubt.

"I'm sorry, master."

"Just leave it if you're so stubborn in getting us killed."

We're off to a worse start. Just… whatever. It soured my mood as it is. I leave her crestfallen at the side. Sigh, I sent a message silently to Negev through our commlink to cheer her up or something. She's still a heroic spirit, it won't do if something's happen to her.

Once again, I looked to the side. The gentle rain never stopped, carrying through the silent night. I left off from the bed once I had a notice popping up on my peripheral. I cast my gaze to Negev and Abigail who were playing. They didn't notice.

There promptly written.

New quest. Win the holy grail war. Failure: unknown. Reward: unknown.

New message. Sender: Eiki Shiki.

| Watch your new cute little servant, and be careful |

| P.S I attached a few spare lottery tickets in this mail. Use them wisely. Love from your worried administrator. |

A smile is creeping to my face before snapping my mind. Thankfully, both girls inside the room didn't notice it as they were too engrossed in their talk, something about the book Negev read.

Shaking my mind, I turn the knob on the door.

"And where are you going, Master?" Negev called behind me.

"I just want to have some fresh air, that's all." I grunted.

"I advise you not to."

"Have it your way." I shook my head, and left the room.

I can feel Negev stepping behind me and another presence, Abigail, hidden trailing beside her.

"Just follow all you want."

I'm not lying, the room feels so stuffy after the stuff with my new servant. At times like this, only Belfast's tea can calm my mind down.

The receptionist bowed her head when I reached the lobby room, I simply nod and smiled back before leaving the vicinity outside the street.

There's a chance I would meet another servant or master on this outing, but I simply didn't care. It's not like I've been idle inside that white space when I was incapacitated after an unlucky encounter with Lancer.

I manifested a dagger from my inventory. Negev has been so gracious in cleaning lancer's blood from the blade. A hero's blood is once staining its dark sheen, and I couldn't help but feel a tinge of pride warming in my heart. I should've named it at a later time.

It won't be the same result if I meet the lancer now. Or so I hope. In that white space, I've reached a few but potent, at least in foundation, breakthroughs with my space and gravity affinity, more so the latter.

There's also the hope of manipulating time if I ever mastered both arts within my lifetime. I set that as a goal for my magecraft training. Though my best goal is to find a teacher to guide me in other arts such as curses and bounded field.

Reading book and manual can only advance you so far, much more in this field where I don't know the correct left and right, up and down.

"Thank you for your patronage!"

I left the convenience store with a handful bag filled with candies and cold dessert.


I gave two of my followers' mocha ice creams amidst the cold breeze of rain. Negev simply shrugged and took it off my hand as she seated herself on a chair in front of the convenience store. Abigail is a little bit shy and I just encouraged her to take it.

"I'm not mad. Let's just enjoy this little thing for a while."


Silence filled our conversation as we simply stared at the droplets of rain and lights cast from the town. It was quite a sight since the store is situated on a hill overseeing the small town. I believe there's a temple not far from here.

My senses flared, a weak signal coming from a dark alley two blocks from where we were. Curious. What's happening on the sleepy town to warrant such distressful situation. I believe there's a yakuza family dominating this part of region.

Maybe there's a relationship between them but let's hope not. I stood up, throwing the stick into the bin.

"Abby, hold this for me."

I handed the blond servant the bag as I investigated the alley. Negev trailing behind when I signaled to her to take out her firearms.

I silently pulled out a dagger from the inventory.

"S-save me."

Calls the voice weakly. The figure is feeble, reaching her hand outwards once she notices me. I simply cast my gaze at her.

If not for her clothes, I won't notice who she is actually with how abysmal her presence and magical energy is inside her.

"M-master, don't tell me."

Abigail's voice was behind me but I paid her no heed when I brandished the dagger. It gleams in the dark.

With a swift cut, blood flowed freely from my hand.


I simply said. The robed figure snapped as fast as a dying fish finding a body of water, relishing the taste of my blood.

My blood is potent with magical energy, due to nature of the core inside me, the effect is multiplied by many folds.

I don't know what thought was passing on the robed woman when I saw her lavender hair slipping out of her hood, but there's a profound red mark manifesting on my left hand.

Inwardly, I silently feel a relief of my decision when I didn't buy that [Caustic Blood] skill for this sudden fortune.

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