6 Akagi and Enterprise

I stared at a few stacks of papers piled on my lap, still butting my arse on the hospital bed.

"So do I have to fill all of these in?"

Hayasaka nodded, her hand twined in front of her apron. Belfast steadfastly still on her post at my bedside. I checked one of each paper, picking a few random sheets in every stack I counted.

Let's see; assets, land, property, bank notes, journal, ledger, denoted to all but one name, my mother.

"Gan'an-sama has decided to trust all your mother's fortune to you, Akagi-sama."

Huh, I never thought my mother would have a few assets still frozen behind the cursory notes. I thought she's just an ordinary woman coincidentally caught my father's fancy. However, most of the assets are tied to a single company.

"Enterprise?" What kind of company's name is that? The actual name is Enterprise but if you tie it with other common business titles it turns out wacky, like Enterprise enterprising business, or Enterprise Enterprise.

"She's quite a colorful individual, thankfully it's your father that decided to name you." Somehow this time I agree with her sentiment.

"The building is located near Shinjuku, though not far from it, I'm surprised father didn't sell it outright considering how costly the maintenance and tax was there. The company mostly deals with pest extermination and janitorial service… isn't this too fishy?"

I spotted a few records didn't match the total budget they expended and have. It can't be laundering or profiteering, for one thing the total expenditure is far larger than the income and total reported asset.

The stack not only includes mandated taxation reports which is certainly falsified but also a few personal ledgers and notes that's contrasting with the first report. It must be intentional in father part to include such things, what does he want of me, and what benefits he would gain from this.

He's always a cold and calculating ruthless bastard, a part of me admired him for that. I searched deeper into the belly of the beast. Most of the customers are ordinary but franchised small companies that use and pay for the service at roughly the same time, and also, they had a few departments from the government as regulars.

There are no purchase records indicating out of place goods, unless they speak in code. A few brands of pesticides, gases, and cleaning solutions were listed regularly.

Hmm. Pest. Government. Cleaning. Small but numerous small companies. I'm sure those are just dummy companies. Then it clicked on me. Isn't this just a hidden intelligence and defense service?

Though I still can't wrap my head what did he want of me from this. Does he want for me to revive it? Bloody hell, I want to schmooze my arse behind a desk once I turn 19 and not lose some sleep after sending people to their graves.

Then I saw a single paper held together by a clipboard laying on top of the other stack, I just needed to sign it then with the power of alchemy that is economy, I can get sizeable budget to kickstart a project.

Ultimately, the gear in my mind stopped. I scoffed.

"Tell the old man, I don't care about his whim. I'll do this on my way."

"I understand, Akagi-sama."

Hayasaka merely nodded, accepting the decision. She doesn't hold any power nor role in this either, just a messenger between father and me. The old man should have bought a phone already, bloody fossil.

I quickly signed the paper; it took me 2 hours after reading finer prints to make sure the contract is still legit and in case any loophole that can be used against the soon and newly revived company. Enterprise Enterprising, huh it does sound catchy. I won't change the name however stupid it sounds; these things will be hit 10 years later.

I should capitalize and copyright the word while I can. Now I sound like those jerkass elite class watching nothing but graphs and numbers, wait, I'm one. GYAHAHAHAHA.

"Are you alright, Master? You've been making this weird face…" Belfast chimed in from the sides, interrupting my moment. Hayasaka closed her eyes, in fact I saw her sighing. I feinted a cough.

"It's your imagination, Belfast. Don't mind it."

"Are you- "

"It's your imagination."


I shifted my attention to the older maid. I gave her the clip, and got rid of the stacks that were almost glued to my lap. That's one burden lifted off.

"How much longer do I have to stay in this place?"

"I was just about to tell you. Tomorrow you need to pack up, Gan'an-sama wanted you to start immediately. In fact, I have been assigned to you for the next 3 years, Akagi-sama."

Seriously, it's not the worst though. At least I trust Hayasaka to a degree to keep a secret or two. I sighed, and nodded at the arbitrary decision. The sooner I get off from this godforsaken place, the better. I've been itching to test the apparatus.

I ruffled my hair, wanting to stretch my body and rested my head on the pillow, but soon I realized something. My eyes widened to Hayasaka who merely tilted her head.

"Wait a minute, don't tell me, you'll be in charge of my education too!"

… AH… AH… This is must be a dream. It must be a dream! This is Hayasaka Nao we're talking about. She even tamed Ai-chan, the unruly tomboy of her daughter into submissive and reserved girl she is now. I swear I saw her leaping out of the window and screaming out of joy once she had been designated as Kaguya nee-sama aide before being dragged inside once again. The terror in her eyes, and the plea she silently said to me is something I can't ever truly forget.

She gave me a warm smile. Too warm, in fact. My body shivers and even Belfast suffered the same fate as me, her back practically glued to the wall like a cornered cat wishing to fuse with it.

"I-I-Is Hayasaka-san always this scary!?"

Her voice rang on my ear like a sweet toll of a bell upon a graveyard.

"Rest assured, Akagi-sama. I'll take care of everything, don't worry about the school, and I'll mold you into a proper man."

At the time, I felt the warm sunlight bathing the room with its gentle breeze blotted in pitch black darkness and shivering cold.


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