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This story is quite good. Taking into account the author being new, this story can even be considered to be excellent. The start is a bit slow and the characters are kinda meh, but with time the characters develop, and so does the story. Currently, I'd consider this story to be above average just taking these facts into account. However, the actual elements of the story which make it truly good and unique would be the ambitious world building and magic system. The world building is fantastic, you can tell the world is quite expansive even this early into the story, and the author is even working on some side novels that take place in the same world as this one. The magic system, atleast the Alchemy, is probably the most detailed power system I've ever seen. Not to say its the best, just the most detailed, so take it as you will. The sheer depth of alchemy in this story is super impressive nonetheless. Currently in the story (ch 49) we are also being introduced to some decent kingdom building elements, so if you like that genre you'll probably like this novel. All in all, I'd give this novel 4.5-4.8 stars, as it's still rather choppy, especially early on (it gets better), however, since I'm impressed by the author and the story is new (has good potential, worth supporting), it's an easy 5 stars from me.


The world background is truly superb, not only does the author clearly shows how the kingdom operates but also goes the extra mile to create visual representation of the runes.


i love this novel ❤️😍🥰❤️[img=recommend][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


I absolutely adore the work the author has out into fleshing out the mechanics of this world and the magic system, even going as far as to create visual representations of key concepts such as the arrays and the runes as the MC learns or creates then. There's a logical progression of what tools are created and why. My primary gripe with the current writing style would be that certain perspectives shift suddenly, and it takes me a couple of moments to register where exactly we are, but that might be more down to me.


Writing quality is good, sentences flow well together and creates a fluid scene. There spelling typos here and there that can be easily deciphered, no biggie. The story is going well, I really enjoy how in depth the author went into the alchomy system, could be a little confusing but very interesting to dive into, makes it seem real. The characters have some depth but from how far I'm at (chapter 64) there really isn't any major things that causes character development, the death of some minor side character hardly really impact the MC and the othercharacters. One thing I have to nitpick though the novel is a little too goody two shoes in my opinion. There is just not really any dark scenes that I would expect from a kingdom with slaves and exploitation. It happens but it's not gone into which makes it seem like a light hearted fantasy rather then a conquer the world/ kingdom building style. The MC is also kinda a Mary sue who strives for the wellbeing of his village and feels great sympathy to the oppressed people, nothing wrong with that, but I feel that pure mentality could become an obstacle in forming his own kingdom,when your are forced to make tough decisions. However, this is just the beginning and anything goes really. One more thing the characters and plots are also a little convenient. Everybody that are good is good, and we have this oppressive kingdom that basically is the epitome of evil. However even with this the author was able to give life to the characters by maintaining a unique personality and mission for each of them. Overall a great novel so far, will continue to read in anticipation, a little more light hearted then I expect (coming from city of sin, black iron glory, and ToRL) but the story has just begun and the novel have a lot of potential! Would recommend! 😁


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Great world building, slow and steady but not boring. I love the scientific approach and the fact that there aren't unrealistic plot armors to resolve insurmountable problems. (sometimes they are good to speed up things, but not in the initial phase in my opinion)


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Reading it for three days already and covered 100 chaps so far. I am hooked, It is not fast-paced, however not too slow-paced novel either, perfect balance for kingdom-building. And little details in different magic power system is well done. Character developments, realistic decisions and thought processes are so satisfying I cant even describe it. One more good thing, interaction between MC and his personal omni-knowledgeable being is not shoved in our faces. It stays as a simple fact that they communicate, it is just that we dont have their conversations in form of longa*s consecutive chapters as in other novels. Finally, writing is great, I am reading it with pleasure. Glory to the people of AK.


Description is good,it has the multIple MC thing which i figured is rare n actually advised some authors , Absolutely love alchemy,hope its good here, n i hope the freinds get equal attention n do not become power rangers in the end ......trust me i have watched enough n would hate it, kingdom building ........hope u can add lots of spirits,its rare n offcourse I know but the noRm..........an op n handsome mc to top the cake😘🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


I've read alot of wizard/mage webnovels and I find that the difference between average and great stories is the magic system of the world. Which is why I love this novel you can just see the time and effort the author has put into making this magical world and as the MCs goes on the path of learning magic you feel like your next to him learning with him. Great job keep up the good work.


I really like this novel. This, I Am The God of Games, and Bringing Culture to a Different World are the only on-going stories I'm looking forward to in this app (at least for now - after dropping numerous novels).


its a great story 🙂 [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]




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It's a great story, the world is developed really well, i love how the hole story doesn't revolve around a single MC where he has to do everything alone. The characters growth is very enjoyable and the alchemy explications and images provided by the author are very cool. I'm hooked :)


The story and setting are interesting, but there are sooooooo many spelling mistakes in the writing it's really hard to read. If this gets an editor I would recommend to anyone.


The writing starts off great, but after just a few chapters, the translation is so bad it becomes incomprehensible. I really liked it at first. The story i not that bad, its actually kind of original, and i guess the characters are not bad either, but how could i read a book or a novel with such bad writing. Just take example from a fantasy classic, such as 'the wizard of earthsea', or 'the hobbit' and try to match its style. The way to learn to write good is to read a lot


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Definatly worth a read, its a great novel with some really original ideas and plotlines attached, loving the drawings the author has created that go alongside the novel whitch really solidify the alchemy’s concept. thank you very much author for an amazing book :)