127 Chapter 127 – Going back

Year 3, Winter, First Month, Second Week.

“Did we lose them?”

Karl looked back worried, the light brown horse under him was sweating too much and needed to take a break. To his delight, the answer came not even a minute after the question was asked.

“It doesn’t look like they’re moving towards us, the locator indicates they’re moving south…”

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Diana finally breathed a sigh of relief, she couldn’t have hit further from the truth, having a capable operator in the team was better than good equipment. After a short break, they continued moving towards the green mountains, as they couldn’t afford to rest yet. Because they met a large pack of obstinate white wolves, they ended missing their stop, now they could only stop to drink water in the magic tunnel. To avoid having to go to a river or another dangerous place and to don’t lose time digging a well, they were stopping at their old temporary camps and using a portable WET to extract water from the wells.

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