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"Have you ever wondered how love happens? Have you ever wondered how some faces can never be forgotten? That face...."

Emil looked at the camera with a distant look. It has always been like this for the past eight years, he has been the guest for the afternoon show "What's Love".

He's always on the show twice a week and on days he wasn't available for the live show, he would make sure to provide an audio voice recording to be played with the host thinking that he didn't want to disappoint his fans but that wasn't his idea. The show was made by him and also for him.

The "TFICNF" TV is the only station that does the original show of "What's Love" and other stations would then transmit it.

The TFICNF TV has been in existence for more than eight years already.

Nobody knows the meaning of the letters,not even the employees of the TV station.

"CEO Tang,thank you for your time" the host said interrupting Emil's thoughts.

Emil smiled to the camera,stood up and left.

"Viewers, thank you for staying with " What's Love " on today's episode,see you sane time next week Tuesday,

goodbye and have a nice weekend". The host ended the show and rushed outside,but sadly she was a bit late because the person she was rushing to see had already sat in the car and sped off.

"Director Kim", A girl called from behind the host .

Yes,Louisa Kim is the host and the director of TFICNF TV. She turned and smiled at her assistant.

" What's it?" Louisa asked.

"Did CEO Tang say errrrm errrm.....when he's going to come on the show again"?

(What's wrong with me?How can I ask whether the CEO said yes to her proposal...Am crazy, crazy ,its always better to be safe than sorry!) the assistant reprimanded herself.

Louisa looked at the assistant as if she was retarded.


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