Airport Encounter   :The Face I Can Never Forget.... Book

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Airport Encounter :The Face I Can Never Forget....


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How true and obsessive love can be starts with a process. The moment something begins, an outcome is already determined. It could be intended or unintended outcome but there will be an outcome. Yvonne's and Emil's love intentionally or unintentionally began at the airport. Seeing each other and being together after so many years, they had to separate once again. But this time, its for three years. "Can you please marry me already?" Emil asked "Yeah,I can, but I have three conditions" Yvonne replied Emil gaze deeply into her eyes wondering what she's going to say. "You can't announce our marriage public until I tell you to.., I will be your boss and you be the boss of others..., and,Under no circumstance should you lie to me...!" Yvonne laid her conditions down. Emil embraced her and softly whispered in her ear "your words are my command milady, but my condition is your third condition". Hello there, this is my first writing and I hope you come to love it... Can't promise anything but I will try my possible best to suit my readers interest There are no heartbreaking misunderstandings between the leads. Please give the story and myself a chance and am sure you won't regret it.. I welcome you to Airport Encounter... Wink wink....Enjoy....But please and please do comment okay????


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