1 Mo Fan

Sitting inside the small single room living quarter which was assigned to every guard like him, Mo Fan winced a little since the wound on the back of his head would throb every once in a while.

Continuing to lie on the bed while looking through the opened windows, Mo Fan was looking towards the courtyard in the distance which was covered by lush trees on all sides except the direction from which one could enter it.

'Sigh… Are you sure?'

[Replying to the host, Jasmine is one hundred per cent confident that we aren't on Earth.]

'As for where we are…'

[Replying to the host, Jasmine does not know.]

Nodding his head, Mo Fan groaned loudly since what was supposed to be his happiest day ended with him arriving in this foreign world that too inside a foreign body.

Still, glancing towards his reflection inside the mirror that was to his right, Mo Fan grinned due to how handsome he was.

Long black hair and similar coloured piercing eyes, jade skin which lacked a shine due to how sickly and pale it was, and sharp facial features which would make all women do their best to burn his image inside their memories for some late night alone time.

If there was one thing which Mo Fan, the name of this body's original host didn't like, it was how weak his body was.

Excluding the injury which was constantly making his head hurt, Mo Fan's body by itself was just as weak as it looked.

'How did this happen, Jasmine?'

Communicating with Jasmine, who was none other than his personal high-level AI which could do everything other than showing human emotions, Mo Fan truly wondered why his AI had transmigrated with him.

[Replying to the host, Jasmine thinks that during the procedure to replace your old AI assistant chip, lightning struck your body and transported your soul and along with it, me, to this unknown world.]

Taking a deep breath to calm down and not curse out loud, since he knew that Jasmine wasn't capable of cracking jokes and chose this hypothesis due to the limited information she had accumulated until now, Mo Fan asked, 'What are your current capabilities?'

[Replying to the host, Jasmine has undergone a mutation due to which she is yet to find out about all of her capabilities. But, Jasmine can promise that her memory and calculation capabilities have not degraded in the slightest.]

Does that mean she obtained new functions?

Thinking how he should obtain a gold finger due to being transmigrated into a new world, and an AI was most definitely not a gold finger or a cheat, Mo Fan suddenly remembered something.

'What happened to this body's memories, Jasmine?'

[Replying to the host, due to the previous owner of the body being dead by the time the both of us arrived here, most of his memories had already disappeared. But, Jasmine managed to scavenge the remaining memories and fused them all together on the basis of a timeline in hopes of making some sense out of them. Would the host like to see them?]

Nodding his head due to how curious he was, Mo Fan suddenly remembered something and was about to order Jasmine to stop, but in the end couldn't do so since the speed at which she worked was faster than his thoughts.

Feeling his entire world turn black, Mo Fan could only sigh and get ready to face the impact of his rash decision in the future while he waited to see how the life of his new body's previous owner's was.

Blue sky… His body was moving…. Moving? No… He was lying on a floating boat?

Able to sense how his body felt as well while looking through the memories, Mo Fan who found himself bored from looking straight towards the sky asked Jasmine to fast forward until something important appeared.

"Hahahahahaha…. The heavens haven't abandoned me!"

Spotting the image of a middle-aged man who seemed to have lifted him up, Mo Fan realized that this memory should be of him when he was very small. Or, the middle-aged man was a giant.

Shrugging and not deciding which it was because in this foreign world anything could be possible, Mo Fan focussed on what Jasmine was showing him.

"Starting today, you are my son, boy!"

Shouting loudly as he continued laughing like a maniac, Mo Fan who was seeing all of this suddenly remembered those webnovels he had read.

That's it!

I'm the son of two gods who were forced to send me far away from them for some reason. This man who found me should be my adopted father who desperately wanted a child.


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Laughing loudly himself while he continued watching through the memories, Mo Fan who was desperately hoping for a very strong gold finger found that worry disappearing since those who had such a back story were destined for greatness!

Unfortunately, Mo Fan soon saw something which caused his laughter to get stuck at the back of his throat and eyes open wide enough for his eyeballs to fall out.

"Consider yourself lucky kid, once you grow up and I take your Spirit Root for myself, I'll become the Cui Kingdom's strongest expert! Hahahahahahaha…. I can't believe how lucky I am. I bought this Gu less than a week back, and now already have someone to use it on."

Raising his hand and showing a pitch-black insect which was most likely the Gu the handsome man mentioned, Mo Fan soon started retching due to the disgusting sensation of something crawling down his throat and inside his stomach.

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