Ahead of time - - the story of a prince Book

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Ahead of time - - the story of a prince


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His honor was in the eyes of the people more than anyone, even more than the king and the whole royal family, Those who knew him were willing to give their lives for him. He was no ordinary man, he was the smartest man in the state, he always thought ahead of time. When he had such an easy path, then why did he get the help of the worst man born in a thousand centuries? The cost of his help was enormous. "Do you really want to do that? " "Is there a joke between us?" His tone was harsh. He stepped back with a slight smile." It was my kindness to ask you one last time, Don't expect any more favors from me. No return will be possible after that". Saying this, he stepped back a little from there, and then, waving his hand in the air, darkness fell on all sides.


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