1 Prolouge

My name is William Barnes. I am an architect. On my way back home at night after work, I ran into a dark alley; unfortunately, I walked into a Drug deal. I got shot four times in the chest and fell on the floor. I looked at the shooter. It was a teenager with a pistol who shot me in panic. Blood gushed out of my wounds and mouth like a leak water tap. I could feel the clock ticking for me like tik-tok-tik-tok, calling my name as Grim Reaper; his scythe stands in front of me smiling as another soul falls into his clutch as I choke on my own blood. The ravens with dark red eyes flew in the sky as a female warrior tore the time and space. I Could feel it; as she clutched my soul in her hands and flew towards the sky as I blacked out.


When I woke up, there was an old man in an old black hood with a grey beard in front of me, his eyes covered under the hood. He glanced at me as he raised his left hand and placed it on my right cheek, "You are thee one, I shall grant Thee a power of warrior and Knowledge of war." The old man removed his hood. I could finally see his right eye and a missing left eye. Wait, the left eye missing. "You are Odin?" I asked with fear and uncertainty. Odin removed his hand from my cheek. "Smart one makes it easier. When you come back, mead in my hall awaits you." After saying that, Odin slapped me with his hand into nothingness.


When my eyes opened, a tight slap greeted my arse, turning it red like a pomegranate. I cried like a kid when I noticed my hands. I was shocked beyond words; now I was an infant. "Damned Odin isekai'd me into another world.


The midwife Placed the newborn infant near the mother of the child under the illumination of candlelight. "Congratulation Lady Stark, it is a boy."

Caitlyn Stark nodded but didn't reply as she is too tired. Knowing what to do midwife signalled another midwife, who understood the signal immediately went outside. Ned Stark Immediately strolled towards her as soon as he saw her walking outside the room. The midwife immediately greeted him. " It's a boy, M'lord." Ned nodded to her, and immediately burst into the room. The first thing he did was hold the boy in his arms. "You will be known as Alaric." Ned Stark said as he glanced towards the boy, then Caitlyn smiled. "a good name Ned." Caitlyn said. Looking at infant Aleric, Ned saw his infant son observing him with curiosity. Ned tried to play with him, but Alaric ignored him and slept; poor Ned placed the baby back to his mother.


In the next two years, I did nothing except learning to walk, write and read, which was quite easy because the language of Westeros was similar to English. I was the second Trueborn son of Eddard Stark, the lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North.

Robb and Jon were one year older than me. When I look at the grey sky above Winterfell, I couldn't help but think of the future. House Stark alone in the darkness, surrounded by the bitterness of cruel realities. Three generations of misguided honourable fools led one of the greatest houses of Westeros to its doom. I was named after one of my ancestors Alaric Stark leaving my previous name into the previous world. I read about him in the small library of Winterfell. He was an Isolationist. A man of few words stern yet respected in the military. He saw the world for it was and Ignored everything south of the neck. If these three fools in three generations had done the same; calamities would not befall House Stark one after another.

Weak people are the harbingers of troubled hard times and, hard times breed hard men responsible for an end to troubled times.

I looked at the grey sky from my fathers' study. "I will have to make our house Stronger." I could not help but mutter.

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