3 Chapter - 2

On that day, Luwin did not ask more questions from lord Ned Stark, but he began to ask questions from Alaric and, every time, he saw Alaric. He would get the same bullshit answer about Odin.

After completing his daily lessons for Robb, Jon and Alaric. Luwin raised his hand to Stopped Alaric. " Alaric mind telling me, about That supposed King gods Odin, so far there is no record of his existence."

[this ageing fossil is not a fool] Alaric sighed as he looked up towards maester Luwin with grey eyes." maester Luwin, I really saw him in a dream," Alaric replied with an innocent face.

" I won't dwell on this any further, but I need you, to be honest magic, and gods don't exist, but the knowledge does. You are the only kid of Lord Stark; I did not pull by my hands along with Jon." maester Luwin turned and left, leaving Alaric alone in the room with his thoughts.

[I will have to be careful with what I reveal next time, people of this world are not stupid, they are highly intelligent, and there's Varys in the south with little birds everywhere.], Alaric thought to himself.

For the next three years, Alaric did nothing special like a patient wolf yet he still demonstrated his intelligence than both Jon and Robb. He took his classes with maester Luwin seriously as a good student, much to the appreciation of maester Luwin. As for Luwin, he started conducting experiments on agriculture, and the results were beyond his expectations. Using these new ploughs, the wheel and manure the agriculture really increased by fifty percent.

He glanced at the golden field in front of him. 'If this gets out, Alaric would be in trouble. I must talk to Lord Stark'. maester Luwin thought to himself as he gazed towards the Huge black-grey castle.


In the inner training ground of Winterfell stood two adults and one kid. a few meters away from them, metal clanked as Robb and Jon were busy practising swords.

Clearing his throat Ned Stark glanced towards Alaric. " what kind of weapon do you wish to master?"

"A long sword and dual wield swords, like Sword of the morning." Alaric replied like an innocent kid.

Ned sighed when he heard dual wield sword style invoking some of his most painful memories.

"OK, Then it's settled from now on; you will never complain about your training." Ned shifted his gaze towards ser Rodrik Cassel. " ser Rodrik no need to go easy on him. Train him as you see fit."

"Yes, milord." the old man Rodrik Cassel replied as his black sideburns shined like whiskers.

For the next three months, Alaric would Accompany Jon and Robb only to get thrashed by them during the training and gasp like a dog after running a marathon with them. Imagine getting thrashed in the cold northern weather. In the eyes of four-year-old Sansa, three of them are a bunch of brutes, while Jon gets aloof treatment from her no need to guess whose influence it is.

While sorting out his thoughts being alone sitting near a window, Alaric remembered the future failed Greyjoy rebellion. A sense of urgency assaulted him, making him feel restless. Because time is passing, which is already too short in supply. He must do something to increase the strength of the starks to brace for the upcoming times of strife and White walkers. With this thought, he sauntered towards his father's study.

As soon as he got in, He saw his father busy with matters of the state.

" Father! I wish to ask you for something." Alaric said to Ned Stark.

Moving the documents away and signalling his servants to go away. "What is so important that you skipped your training Alaric?"

"I wish to do a small Business besides the training."

"why would you want that," Ned asked while looking at one of the documents."

"Because Winter is Coming, it's about to arrive, I can feel it." Taking a deep sigh, he continued. " I just need a thousand gold dragons."

Ned Stark gazed into Alaric's grey eyes. "Remember your words then, you will do it yourself, and your training won't stop no matter what. two of my stewards will accompany you."

"Yes! Father, everything's our to take as long as we have means to take."

Just as Alaric, Turned towards the exit. Ned Starks soft Voice Echoed in his ears. " You will get yourself killed early. If you keep thinking like that."

Ned has seen too many deaths, too many youngsters dying with such thoughts and ambitions.

Yeah, death. There are many assholes in Westeros that needs killing. He won't die before them.

"Yes, Father, I will remember that," Alaric replied with the expression he had earlier on his face.

Ned saw his son lurching towards outside, leaving him alone with a saddened face because the last time he heard "everything's ours to take." was from his brother Brandon Stark. A belief that led to his early death. " I hope my worries are unfounded," Ned muttered.

A few days later, two stewards were assigned to Alaric along with one thousand gold dragons. With money and two Stewards (medieval managers), He decided to hire riders, carpenters, blacksmiths to help him build a paper mill and a distillery for vodka.

Why choose vodka? Because it's best in winter, other wines from the south would likely freeze here. After a month of the survey of the land, he decided to lay the foundation for the business and industrial base of the north to east of Winterfell beyond the king's road on the banks of river white knife. Providing him direct access to White Harbour. Now the last thing is creating a cake of interests huge enough for major lords of the north to tie them to the Stark wagon with real interests along with their feudal obligations. Fuck the Boltons. His first target after the completion of the projects is to work with Menderlys.

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