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Agent Silva


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Jaewon Ming, also known by his code name 'Agent Silva' , was the cause of a supposed scientific incidence that occurred in Polaris City. Due to this incidence, he acquired a special ability known as Super Sensitivity. This ability enabled him to foresee and analyze certain situations before they occurred, while also giving him super fast reflexes. 14 years ago, after the discovery of a strange substance which could produce violent electromagnetic waves by two globally renown scientists, Dr Trevor Morgan and Dr Hwan Ming, a secret project was launched with the aim of unraveling the mysteries behind the substance and developing it for human benefit. Soon, it was discovered that the strange substance could produce a radiation that was capable of preventing the use of electricity within its surrounding. Realizing the prospect of it being a potential time bomb that could cause more harm than good, both scientists decided to bring the project to a complete halt. Somehow, news of the project leaked into the ears of the government and other rivalry enforcement agencies. Both scientists were pressured by the government to grant approval for a search to be performed in their main laboratory. Thinking of the possibilities of the strange substance falling into the wrong hands, Dr Trevor Morgan resolved to sneaking the substance away from the lab to his own house. A series of incidence led to another, his son happened to stumble upon the substance. Driven by curiosity, he tampered with it, causing an explosion of electromagnetic waves which put the city in total blackout for several months.