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What is Age of the Hunters

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21st December 2012. This was the day when the world changed. Apocalypse had arrived..... but in a different way than expected. Dungeons appeared around the world and a new power awoke among humans. They were known as the Hunters. The dungeons contained monsters and headed by a boss who was usually a Demon. And they could also break free from the dungeons if they were not destroyed by a fixed amount of time. It is now the year 2243, the world has faced a lot of changes and a new change is about to take place. This story is about Wayne Daniels, a normal F-Rank hunter who was of the Porter class. He was a normal hunter with just slightly stronger powers than other humans and massive stamina. But he needed money to look after his household. His father who was also a Hunter had been dead and his mother had fallen sick since his father's death, he also had a younger sister to look after. For all this money was his only requirement and also his only wish. But being a low-rank hunter means very less money with greater risks. But all that changes when he awakens to new powers due to coincidental situations. He becomes a Beyonder but with more special powers. Find out what he gains and how he gains this power and join him as he travels the world and fights in dungeons with his only wish to be successful and also provide a better life to his family. *** The picture is not mine and I will remove it after I get myself my own picture.

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Shamelessy Advertising myself. This story is somewhat an inspiration I had reading lots of hunter related stories specially the Korean ones. Hope everyone likes the story, and supports it with full heart.


interesting story so far, lot of characters, definitely looking forward to how wayne develops and gets stronger an i just want to see the sranks kick some *** :D


Liking the story so far, some grammatical errors here and there, but nothing to worry yourself about. The author seems very good at giving a detailed description of things, the plot id really good and the story line as well. Generally I'll say the book is good and the author knows what they're doing.


The fantasy world invading the "real" world is far from being an unexplored or even an uncommon trope, but author is so far doing a good job in exploring a more realistic scenario of humanity's response to such a crisis. Looking out for more!


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