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Age of Pirates | Power of Six


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[Peter Parker x OC] There used to be four Starks. Four royal figures, meant to rule the four lands of Midgard, for four more decades. But now it's just her, and has nothing royal on her so to speak. Her Royal Highness Princess Lieve is facing the unbelievable once her father, King of Asterion, dies in indubitable circumstances at just 53 years old. The whole country mourns the loss of the hero who brought food for the needed, stopped wars from happening and assessed his country's requirements. But was the death recorded as natural causes, or was it something more complicated? Something more complex than cannot be rehearsed without drowning deep into the royal affairs. Peter has yet to acknowledge the dangers he and his crew are about to come across. With the ambition and goals he holds, nothing can stop him from facing some sea adventures. With the death of Richard and Mary Parker, the little boy leant to trust no one but himself. He never has been the posh aristocratic type of neighbour, which has numerous amount of titles near his name because of the family history. And in the times of despair, when both come across a common problem; when these two people from total opposite society classes face the reality within; when they both encounter a common enemy that is yet to accomplish his goals; when they both unite to discover the Power of Six, who will end up losing their hope after? It is time that Lieve learns to stop tormenting herself with a person: whose actions she remembers to the smallest detail, whose mocking and piercing eyes are crawling under her skin, and start observing every damned moment with the right person: whose lips are sweeter than thousands of the best desserts in the world, and whose voice she hopes to hear the last when she dies.


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