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🆕Episode One🆕

♈ ♈Shannice's Pov♈♈

Somebody help me!

Ouwch! Ouwch!!

Please!! am still a virgin... Don't do this pleaasssse!!!!

Oh my God! i had the terrible nightmare again,the unforgettable day that i was struck an eternal sorrowful arrow into my heart.

Yeah! it's an eternal one,bitterly gang raped by four hefty men,which since then have changed my life waywardly.

Don't get confused yet!...I would preview my life escapades to you.

My name is Shannice Faribide,I am the only child of my mother,i was told my father fell from a palm tree,few days i was given birth to.. Don't feel pitied yet!!!..am adapted to bad omen.

My mother and I have been struggling with life since then so with the few money i could get from washing clothes for people in my village,i travelled down here to Lagos,maybe i could see a licit job to do,in fending myself and sending half to my mother in the village.

Yes! i found a job..a full-time bread seller,not even one,we are group of teen bread sellers owned and managed by a strict woman"Madam Flattie" that was a funny name right? she really got that name has a flats room owner which almost fifteen of us(her workers slept in)

You really thought,am suffering right....(giggles) you haven't know anything yet...