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1 System and Zombie

Guangzhou City

"Fuck, bitch, shit"

A curse was heard from inside a dilapidated apartment.

Yang Chen, a 23-year-old young man, was initially accepted into the army but was expelled for allegedly harassing a beautiful female commander.

After being expelled from the army Yang Chen finally got a new job as a small security guard at a sizable real estate company in Guangzhou.

But after only 2 weeks of work, Yang Chen was fired again, the same reason being allegedly harassing one female executive.

Yang Chen didn't harass her, he just teased a little by whistling at the female executive, but the female executive was a pretty arrogant and petty person. For her to be checked out by a small security guard is an insult.

Because the female executive was Gu Wen, the daughter of Chairman Gu, she immediately fired him.

Yang Chen was a narrow-minded person, so he was very angry at being fired. However as angry as Yang Chen was, all he could do was curse.

At this moment Yang Chen was lying on his dilapidated bed while thinking about that beautiful Gu Wen. Even though Gu Wen might be an arrogant and petty woman, her beauty is first class.

While imagining about Gu Wen using her long legs to wrap him around, Yang Chen's body felt so hot that his hands began to enter his pants.

In the midst of his happiness, a sweet voice suddenly appeared in Yang Chen's brain.

(Evolution system)

Name: Yang Chen

Evolution rate: 0

Skills: none

Level: 0


Strength: 15 (10)

Spirit: 0

Speed: 13 (10)

Vitality: 13 (10)

"Let's kill zombies and monsters to level up."

A voice instantly woke Yang Chen from his delusion.

"Fuck, what the ..."

Yang Chen's voice hadn't finished speaking when suddenly a 1-meter long iron staff fell on his head.

"Awww ..."

Even for Yang Chen who had above average physical strength, the pain of the iron staff on his head, still made him wince in pain.

But Yang Chen quickly calmed down. Although his morale was lacking, Yang Chen had been a soldier.

"What was that killing zombies and monsters, is that like a system in a novel."

After all, comics, anime, and novels are very popular, even Yang Chen knows of them.

"Fuck, if that system is for killing zombies and monsters, does that mean there are zombies outside."

After thinking about it, Yang Chen quickly picked up the iron staff that suddenly fell and went out.

Just when Yang Chen opened the door when someone pounced on him.

Yang Chen who was a former soldier avoided him.

Yang Chen saw the person who was trying to pounce on him. It was a young man with blond hair and a cigarette in his mouth. Yang Chen immediately knew that it was his neighbor's child ,a small Hooligan, who often caused problems in the area around the apartment.

But in contrast to the arrogant look he usually had, he currently looked haggard with pale skin like a corpse.

An ordinary zombie

Level: 1

Skill: can bite. Bitten ones will become zombies.

Suddenly the sweet sound of the system came again in his head.

"Are these zombies."

Seeing Hooligan with blonde hair with a cigarette in his mouth, Yang Chen was quite surprised. There are zombies, he thought.

Without thinking, Yang Chen immediately used his iron staff to hit the zombie's head.

Yang Chen expected the head would explode, but unlike what he imagined, the zombie only retreated slightly.

"Fuck, it didn't die."

In the movies, zombies are usually weak and once hit their heads will be crushed, but this zombie was fine.

Yang Chen's physique is above average, if it was an ordinary person who was hit by Yang Chen's punch, his head might have leaked.

Aware of the power of zombies, Yang Chen hit harder.

Even though it didn't die right away, the zombie's head was bleeding a little.

Yang Chen then continued to punch until the zombie's head was destroyed and the zombie fell and died.

Luckily the zombie had slow movements, if not with its strength, it would've been troublesome.

After dying, suddenly something fell from the zombie and a white light came out from the zombie and entered Yang Chen's body.

When the white light entered his body, the sound of the system was heard again.

"Congratulations on entering level 1.

You get 2 stat points.

You get 3 skill slots. "

After the sound was heard, Yang Chen felt he could choose to increase his stats in the system.

Looking at his stats, Yang Chen was curious about the spirit stat because it was still zero.

With a thought, Yang Chen chose to use 2 points to increase spirit.

Suddenly he felt something in his brain like there was space and in that space, certain energy appeared. Yang Chen knew it was spirit energy.

After having spirit energy, Yang Chen had a strange feeling, he felt like a spiritual.

'Maybe it's because spirit energy is used to do some kind of magic.' Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen then saw something fell from the zombie.

There were three items that fell.

First is a small book that looks like a notebook that people usually carry.

The second is a silver ring with engravings.

And the third is coins, there are ten in number.

Yang Chen picked up three items when the system sound was heard.

1. Level 1 skill book

Book Name: Fire control

It can make users convert spirit energy into fire.

2. Level 1 items

Item name: Spatial Ring

It has five square meters of space and can be used to store items in it.

Users will get a 7 point increase in spirit.

3. Coin System

Currency issued by the system.

Seeing something in his hands, Yang Chen felt strange, it felt like in a thought game.

He then put the Spatial ring to his finger.

When the ring was placed on his finger, Yang Chen could feel the place where his spirit energy is stored enlarge.

He could also feel the use of the ring, with only a single thought he put the book and coins into the ring.

Yang Chen could also sense the items inside the ring, with anorher thought he pulled to book out of the ring into his hand.

Looking at the book in his hand, Yang Chen  used the book to learn fire control.

Instantly the book turned into light and entered his head into the space where his spiritual energy is.

Instantly the knowledge of how to control fire appeared in his head.

With only a thought he could control the fire made from his spiritual energy.

Even though there was a flame in his hand, Yang Chen did not feel the heat at all.

Yang Chen then threw fire at the zombie corpse and the fire started to burn the zombie corpse.

"Congratulations, after studying a level one skill book, you entered level 1 evolution. You are now an evolutionary.

All stats are increased by 10 points. "

After the sound of the system sounded, Yang Chen felt his body feel strange but quickly disappeared. Yang Chen could feel that he was now twice as strong, even his spirit energy was also enlarged and strengthened.

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