Against Zombies & MonstersAgainst Zombies & Monsters

Against Zombies & Monsters

by Saubi1234

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This novel was discontinued. If you want to read a novel like this novel, you can read God and Devil World. The reason why the writer wrote the novel is because he was fascinated by the novel God and Devil World. And that's also the reason why he can write novels afterwards. Currently, the writer is writing an Eastern Fantasy novel entitled (Heaven Smiting God Emperor). .... What? A zombie as tall as buildings? Here, let me burn it. Ssss... The building-sized zombie burned in a fire which brightened the night. What? A monster as large as mountains? Here, let me kick it. Pak! The mountain-sized monster soared thousands of meters through the sky. ... As in the novel, the system suddenly appears along with zombies and monsters. People must kill zombies and monsters to level up and enter evolution. See how Yang Chen fights off zombies and monsters.

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