1 Summary

"Families are fudge- mostly sweet with few nuts" was what I always thought. Tears started dripping from my eyes as I looked at the report. I never believed in God, but that day I started praying that no children will have this type of parents. Even the weather reacted to me and started crying heavily, 'this mess is only because of that day' I thought, but deep within me, I knew it was meaningless to blame others.

Everyone thought I was confident,but deep inside me, I was empty and was searching for myself in that grim room. Pain, tears, and blood are all I could remember of the past. Enduring everything and trying to get love from my parents all I did, but after they sold me for just a few amounts. Everything changed, from that day I learned many meaningful lessons of life, but leaning into those lessons broke me completely, shutting me from the outside world and people.

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