1 Reincarnated into the urban cultivation world and become a second generation villain

On a rainy night, inside a luxury villa in Tianhai city, a teenager fell asleep in bed.

The teenager was fast asleep and still wearing shoes and not wearing a blanket.

The sound of raindrops sounded very peaceful, and coupled with the cold atmosphere, it was very soothing.

The teenager slowly opened his eyes, then got up and sat down as he rubbed his eyes.

Then, there was a look of confusion in his expression.

He looked around, there was a lot of luxurious furniture, this was not his house.

"Where am I?" The teenager said in confusion.

He looked around and realized that he wasn't in his room.

As he recalled, he had only fallen asleep in his room after a tiring day, but when he woke up, he was suddenly here, in a room he didn't recognize. 

And just as he was about to find out what happened, his head suddenly buzzed so he fell unconscious.


Not knowing how much time had passed, looked at the clock, it was the middle of the night.

"Am I reincarnated?" The teenager said in disbelief.

But the next second, there was a look of satisfaction on his expression.

"Yes! I finally got out of that boring life!" The teenager said excitedly.

The teenager was named Lin Tian, ​​an ordinary youth from the earth.

His life is ordinary, he comes from a fairly wealthy family, at least he won't feel any shortage until the end of his life.

Then, Lin Tian sat cross-legged to explore his newly acquired memories, he couldn't wait to see which world he was reincarnated to.


After a few minutes, his expression went blank.

He was reincarnated into a body with the same name as him, even his mother and father's names were the same.

His name was Lin Tian, ​​18 years old, a second-generation from a wealthy family.

His father named Lin Hao owns a real estate company worth hundreds of billions of Yuan, he is a true businessman, not only that, but he also owns several well-known banks in the country.

And his mother is Yang Yao, one of the main descendants of the Yang family, one of the 10 ancient families.

Lin Tian found out in which world he was reincarnated.

He reincarnated into the modern cultivation world!

In this world, there were cultivators, beasts, and other extraordinary things, but the setting of this world is the modern time.

"Damn it, why did I reincarnate into this person's body?!" Lin Tian said angrily.

He could tell that he was vain, he had no talent for cultivation.

Just like the second generation in general, he prefers to spend his time going to bars and playing with some women.

Of course he was furious because this world was a world where power was dominant, and now that he was an ordinary person with no cultivation base, he was like a rabbit in a lion's den.

But what made him angry wasn't that...

He has a golden finger, just when he explored the memories of this body, it turned out that he knew things that would happen in the future, one could say he had future memories, but that was only a little.

He had read many novels with modern cultivation themes, of course the protagonist always won, and the villain always lost and had a tragic ending.

And yes, his role in this world is a villain who dies tragically.

At first, he was very excited, he couldn't wait to walk the path of invincibility and become a god, but when he found out that he was a villain, of course he was furious.

Just relying on this future memory, what could he do? The protagonist always has enormous luck to back him up.

"Damn it, will I be able to avoid the protagonist and live in seclusion? If I did, I guess I could stay alive." Lin Tian suddenly found a solution and said solemnly.

He was unable to deal with the protagonist, escaping was the only way.

[System activated]

[Integration will be completed in a minute]

[Starting counting, 1,2,3,4...]

"What? System?!" Lin Tian was immediately startled when he heard the voice in his mind and a hologram in front of him.

[Ding, integration complete, congratulations to the host for reincarnating into this world]

"Hahahaha system, of course!" Lin Tian laughed happily.

He certainly knew that the system was a common golden finger that every protagonist had.

He had read many novels related to the system, those who had the system always had the upper hand and always got good things.

"System, introduce yourself." Lin Tian said excitedly.

[Ding, the system is named Destiny Villain System. I will help the host to kill the protagonists and make you a great villain]

"Is that so, then... What? The destiny villain system?" Hearing the system's explanation, Lin Tian was shocked.

[Ding, the host has an unopened novice gift]

"Wait, explain what the destiny villain system means." Lin Tian interrupted the system.

[Ding, too long to explain, please open the novice gift first]

Hearing this, Lin Tian thought for a moment, and finally said, "Alright, open the novice gift first."

After that, a series of holograms appeared in front of him.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a martial emperor realm cultivation base]

[Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the memory fragment of the heavenly demon, Mo Xie]

[Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining information about this world and a bit of the future of this world]

[Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the sword 'Zhuxian']

Seeing the holographic text in front of him, and the sound of the system sounding in his mind, Lin Tian was stunned.

"Crazy, is this just a novice gift? What a luxury!" Lin Tian said in surprise.

The rewards of the system are truly precious, especially the martial emperor realm cultivation base.

In this world, cultivation bases have general levels.

There are body tempering, qi foundation, nascent soul, martial king, and martial emperor, and each realm has 9 levels.

[Ding, does the host want to extract?]

"Yes, of course!" Lin Tian said excitedly.

[Ding, start the extraction, it will hurt so please lie down on the bed]

Lin Tian suddenly felt his head buzzing, and fell onto the bed.


Don't know how much time had passed, but outside the window, the sound of birds began to be heard, and sunlight began to shine.

Lin Tian sat cross-legged on the bed and found that his body had undergone significant changes.

He felt that his body was full of power, and there was a special power flowing through his body.

He felt that destroying the mountain near this villa was not impossible.

"Martial Emperor realm, very few people in this world can achieve it." Lin Tian said in awe.

After sorting through his memories, Lin Tian discovered that at this rate, he could now do whatever he wanted.

Usually with great power, comes great responsibility, but not for him, with great power, he can do whatever he wants.

The martial emperor realm is the peak of this world's cultivation.

But now he was also a little displeased.

Originally, he thought he was invincible after having a martial emperor-level cultivation base.

But after seeing the information about this world and the future of this world, Lin Tian felt less invincible.

The world he lives in now is a world where hundreds of novel worlds are combined into one.

Lin Tian sorted out his memories and found that he was not the protagonist of this world, the role of Lin Tian's body before he was reincarnated is a villain.

At first, he liked a very beautiful woman, but he was rejected, that woman said that she liked Ye Chen, the protagonist in this world.

Lin Tian hated Ye Chen so much since then, he always tried to kill Ye Chen with his subordinates, but always failed.

Since then, Lin Tian started to practice for the first time and it turned out that he had a hidden talent, he was always hiding to keep practicing and cultivating.

Several years passed, and Lin Tian, ​​who had always practiced hard and cultivated, reached the martial emperor realm at the age of 22.

Only four years since he first trained, it shocked the entire Qin country.

But a villain is still a villain, he can't beat Ye Chen who is a protagonist.

In the end, Lin Tian died at the hands of Ye Chen.


So in conclusion, after he is reincarnated into this body, the setting of this world continues, and he will still be a villain.

The difference is, after he is reincarnated, the setting of this world expands, this world that previously only had one protagonist, now has many protagonists.

The super son-in-law, the return of the god of war in the city, the Strongest doctor, etc...

This kind of novel-type protagonist is integrated into the world he currently lives in.

Moreover, in the future when Reiki has strengthened once again, there will be more powerful protagonists such as the rebirth of the urban immortal cultivator, the protagonist returning to the past, Immortal emperor reincarnation, and others.

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